13 September, 2007, 618 am
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Currently, I am having my first college breakdown.  All I know is that I want to double major in English and in French and that it’ll be HELL.  I have no clue where I want to go exactly, and I know that when I go there, I’ll probably have an anxiety attack.  No lie.  I’m nervous just thinking about it a year in advance.  I have no clue how I’ll get in, or if my SATs are high enough, and I barely have enough credits because Lewisburg area schools require their kids to take more classes every year than Henrico could even fit, so I’m behind.  I won’t have the advanced diploma I was aiming for at Deep Run…I’ll just get a regular one here, which blows.  French is depressingly easy, and I feel like I can’t further my education in that class, but everything else is overwhelmingly hard, and I feel that I am not as artistic as everyone assumes I am, or as I used to be back in the day.  I just know a lot about music, and that carries over to the way I present myself, so I guess people assume that I am an artist.  And teacher recommendations will blow.

Every kid has that one teacher they can talk to, that one teacher they’ll miss and maybe even communicate with after high school.  They’ll say hi in the hallways every year, and there will always be a sentimental attachment.  The teacher might even tell stories to freshmen about that student.   I never had that teacher.  In fact, I’ve never even remotely connected with a teacher, though I do still admire Mr. Towslee and Mrs. Guyer and hold them in high esteem.  I have no idea who I’m going to go to for my college recommendations.  Bambi?  Madame Guyer?  I think I should go to an English teacher and a French teacher; that would be nice.

Actually, I kind of did have a teacher who reached out to me.  Her name was Mrs. Perkinson and she was my 8th grade English teacher.  She had a brother with my name, she told me.  Whenever we did writing in that class, I got excellent grades, and every week, she’d pick out three of the best papers the class members had turned in, and mine was often in that group.  She was kind to me in a distant way where you could tell she cared, but she probably didn’t want to pry.  For the record, there was nothing wrong with me except for being your average middle school socially anxious loner, but I guess that is kind of a burden for someone so young.  Maybe I reminded her of herself at that age, or maybe she could sense how miserable middle school made me, or perhaps she just saw that there was a glimmer of something different behind the shy exterior.  Any way you put it, I would consider Mrs. Perkinson the only teacher I’ve ever had a connection with, even if it was fairly distant.


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You will definitely get into college, the only question is where.

Do you have someone who can give you good advice on what schools to choose to apply to? I had a lot of help with this, from my mom and a neighbor and together we figured out my plan, and I have to say they were exactly right in predicting where I’d be accepted.

The general idea is to have 2 or 3 “reaches”, 2 or 3 “expect to get in” and 2 or 3 “sure thing” schools, which is why it helps to have some advice. You can base some of it on your SAT’s and GPA, and you write really well, so the essays should go easy for you.

How many teacher recommendations do you need? 2?

My advice there, if you don’t think your French teacher at your old high school would have much to say (though you sound like you stood out in terms of your work, so it can’t hurt to ask them), then talk to your current French and English teachers. Actually, it can’t hurt to talk to them anyway. Tell them straight up that you’re going to need recommendations and you want to major in french/english, blah blah blah. They might not know you now, but if you give them warning, they’ll pay more attention and figure out what they can say.

Remember, they get asked every year to write recommendations, and they want you to succeed (one would hope) so chances are they are used to writing nice recommendations even for the students they don’t know very well.

Plus, you can ask them if they have any advice for choosing a school, since they at least are going to have some opinion on their college.

When I was looking for a school, the first thing I looked at was always the size. Big, small, or medium. I was from a very small town, and that definitely influenced how large of a school I was comfortable going to. Location is also something to think about. You’ll qualify for “in-state” tuition where you live, so that’s something to keep in mind as well.

And talk to someone about your worries on having enough credits. You can finish up with summer school and still go to college for the fall term, but of course that’s not ideal. Talk to your guidance counselor or whoever can give you the info at your school, because you can probably do something, like special projects or a college class (which would be especially good for French, since you’re not being challenged enough), to make up what you might be missing.

For what it is worth, the anticipation and worry make the whole college issue extremely stressful. It is less stressful once all the applications are in and you can’t do anything but wait, though that is stressful on its own. Once you’re at college, it is just the sort of routine stress of having a lot of work to do and not that much time. Overall, the reality is less scary than the imaginings!

Okay, that’s the end of my guide on applying to college! :D

Probably not very helpful. Good luck!

Comment by Deb

dear, you will definitely get into a college. i’m pretty sure it’ll be a good one too.
and you’re allowed to get recommendations from teachers at old schools. it’s fine! you can get one from ms.jones and mme.guyer, and it’ll rock. you are such a good student and they don’t have bad things to say about you cause you’re awesome.
don’t worry about not having that one friend teacher. i don’t have one. i talk to ms.jones whenever i see her in the hall because i think she’s nice. i used to talk to duda before she disappeared. i talk to parvaiz cause he’s always polite and talks to ALL his students in the hallway randomly, and because i’ve had him every year for some class or another. and i talk to sheppard all the time. but am i actually friends with any of them? no. the closest i could get is ms.sheppard. but we only ever talk about books we’ve both read and jane austen and stuff. she’s fun to talk to about that sort of thing, but she’s not that kind of magic mentor teacher you’re talking about. i don’t have one. don’t worry about it. a lot of people find one in college as opposed to hs.

Comment by divya

and i love deb’s little guide. that is amazing. i might borrow it every now and then :)

Comment by divya

I’m at a small-ass liberal arts college, which, aside from being expensive as fuck, is also pretty much awesome. I got financial aid and it’s about 6 hours away from home. The application was also way more of a pain in the ass than all of the state universities my friends applied to, but it meant that I got to go to a school where I don’t feel like I’m just another sheep in the herd. (Sorry if I sound like a brochure, but it’s true.)
I’m sure you’re a likable girl, and any teacher you ask to write you a recommendation would probably be happy to do so. Good luck! (Do you have any idea where you might like to go?)

Comment by Kate

I swear…you’re awesome. Just reading what you had to say calmed me down a TON. I might go to my English teacher since she seems to like me well enough.

I was just thinking and maybe because I never had that adult influence in my life, I would like to reach out to some confused teenager someday and give him or her a boost.

Liberal arts colleges seem more appealing to me, and I never realized why until now. More personal. I’m thinking of going somewhere in Michigan, actually, maybe Lake Superior, but I might like to go somewhere else on the mainland better.

Comment by leindiemeister

that sounds awesome :)

Comment by divya

I’m actually from Michigan, I live two miles from Lake Superior (the lake, not the college.) I’m at Beloit College in southern Wisconsin, and I think I picked a winner, so…you might want to take it into consideration :) I’m sure there’s something similar a little closer to you, but yeah.

Comment by Kate

“I was just thinking and maybe because I never had that adult influence in my life, I would like to reach out to some confused teenager someday and give him or her a boost.”

Knowing your love for younger men, this disturbs me.

Comment by wut?!

I’m underage. Heh heh.

Comment by leindiemeister

That just makes it double rape.

Comment by wut?!

i like Mr.Towslee.. he is the best teacher i’ve had sofar.

Comment by Raja Kavuru

Raja, I love Mr. Towslee and am completely STOKED that you do, too! He opened up my mind a bit and influenced me to expand my music taste and even got me really pumped for animal rights; he’s probably my main influence for going vegetarian and wanting to go vegan. This was all completely indirectly, too, just from being in his class, not even from any cheesy heart-to-heart chats. You’re in for a treat for the rest of the year, especially if he lets you watch “The Birds” (possibly the most hilariously earnest thriller ever) and “Pootie Tang,” which is self-explanatory).

Comment by leindiemeister

ya. we watched that birds movie it was pretty good..

Mr.Towslee seems to be fascinated by your site.. he wants to know who you are.

Comment by Raja Kavuru

OH, he does?! My name is Paige Connors and I was in his class when I was a freshman during his first year at Deep Run. Haha. Used to listen to BAD, BAD music and wrote a paper comparing “Inherit the Wind” to Switchfoot. But then I moved this summer; I’m now a senior.

Also, the link to your website…Naruto = YES!!!

Comment by leindiemeister

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