9 September, 2007, 1122 pm
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I’m such a procrastinator that I piss myself off.  I’ve saved my AP Calc homework for the past two weeks up until…the day before it’s due, which is not today.  I have things to fill you in on, but I feel that the appropriate time would be about a month from now, and you should remind me when “a month from now” comes.

As I predicted, Rilo Kiley has gone commercial.  But the song they went commercial with was “Silver Lining.”  I mean, that could spell out something great for Jenny Lewis’ solo career.  Or for Rilo Kiley as a whole.  I’m soooo stoked that some people finally have some sense to listen to them, even if I would prefer that they enjoyed More Adventurous.  I just wish something great would befall Blake Sennett, because it looks like for now, Jenny Lewis is pwning his ass with no regard for his feelings.

Another thing, what the fuck is up with my Facebook friends voting me the #3 most attractive and the #5 most kiss-able?  What the fuck?  I think I missed the memo.  Who decides these things and how much pot are they smoking?  See, I used to be Most Artistic and #3 most creative, which was understandable because to Scene Pump I was the kid they didn’t know what to do with because I was quiet and witty and alternative.  I guess it’s the Lewisburg kids who think I’m hott.  Which is probably any runny-nosed pale-ass kid in AP who likes the “silent, brooding type.”  In case you missed the memo, I am not exactly brooding, though I suppose I could come off that way.  I’m actually pretty content.

Okay, maybe I could come up with a few reasons I’m third most attractive (EYEBROWS, EYELASHES, FOOT SIZE, THAT VEIN IN MY FOOT THAT POPS OUT, FEET IN GENERAL, ability to make weird faces and get away with it for the most part).  The thing that stumps me the most is how anyone would know that I’m particularly “kiss-able.”  I’ve only ever laid my lips on four people, two of which don’t have Facebook accounts and one of which was proooobably drunk when he asked me to kiss him .  And I got my first kiss at sixteen.  I guess they’re making assumptions based on my lip size and straightness of teeth and amount of acne around the mouth, but even so, I don’t see how anyone could overlook how darn chapped my lips are all the time.  I once watched a VH1 special about celebrity bodies, and one of the lady B-list celebrity speakers commented that Zack Braff’s lips are like luscious pillows (someone said that about Angelina Jolie’s lips, too, I think).  My lips are most often like crusty pillows.  But apparently vegetarians and vegans taste better, so maybe that’s why I got the nomination.  My mouth tastes good.  I think that factoid was supposed to be applied to something else, though.

ANYWAY, speaking of vegetarians, today, Travis and I had a conversation about animal rights and while I don’t want to make him look like a complete demanding ass because he does take good photos…he said that he doesn’t believe that animals have rights.  Which was a dumb thing to say.  They may not have rights, but they’re entitled to them, and that’s why there are activists.  We had a good discussion about how much we dislike PETA, though, and the first thing he said after I yelled that, “I STRONGLY  DISLIKE INGRID NEWKIRK!!!” was, “HER NAME IS INGRID FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!”  But he knows who she is, and even if I disagreed with everything Travis said, I enjoyed the conversation we had.


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lol i don’t vote on those things so ya don’t have me to blame but you are in fact very pretty and not cloneish so don’t stress so much about it.

lol interesting fact..


Comment by divya

tru dat dawg.

rilo kiley were at like the biggest indie festival in britain not too long ago, some guy from lostprophets said in an interview that he loved them. wow.

thanks for reminding me i need to make a facebook account sometime. you should take it as a compliment! i’d love to be voted #3 most kissable, but i’d probably get #1 for “person you’d most like to shit in a bag and throw it at”. haha, shit in a bag.

Comment by adam

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