7 September, 2007, 920 am
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oh boy. next time you come down here (do you know when yet?) we should chipotlify a lot.

Comment by divya

the ‘oh boy’ was cause i know how bad those cravings can get.

Comment by divya

This comment has nothing to do with Chipotle, but probably alongside the same degree of excitement/fulfillment/whatever, when you bite into one of thier delicious tacos.

Under your “17 Songs I am Most Likely to Rave About”, your number one song, “We Will Become Silhoettes”, has become one of my new favorites. I’ll admit, I only decided to look it up in the first place, because I thought the name of the song was cool (hah), but now I listen to it more than anything, and it always puts me in a good mood.

Thank you for passing along much good music.

Comment by Mary Beth

We should have half a burrito for every meal every gaddamn day I’m down there. That would be awesome and filling and OH GOD! Yeah.

Mary Beth-
That’s actually part of the reason I downloaded it in the first place! Cool name. I am extremely pleased that you like it. The Postal Service is generally a great band (though this song is arguably their best–“Such Great Heights” is popular, too, but technically speaking, that’s a cover), and Jenny Lewis (who actually does the female vocals in this song as a guest vocalist) is my hero. Actually, I think some of her best work is in this song. I’m so glad you like it, though!

Comment by leindiemeister

AGREED 100%. i usually get burrito bols (weird spelling but i guess that’s the chipotle way) there but it’s good in a tortilla too.

Comment by divya

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