6 September, 2007, 959 am
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Ever since we moved here, it has been a tradition of sorts to gather in the streets late at night with our friends. I shall, in this post, explain what has become to be known as the Circle Group.


Charles is the one who is most directly the cause of the Circle Meetings. He is fourteen and he lives diagonal across the street in a house formatted very much like ours. He’s goofy and into indie music and the Arcade Fire. I was able to trust him almost immediately, which is weird for me because some people I still can’t trust, and I’ve known them for a long time. I suppose he just attracts those kinds of conversations because he doesn’t gossip much, but I’ve told him some pretty hefty things that I don’t normally talk about. It’s just easier with him.

One of the other originals is Phelan, who is apparently Charles’ former step-brother, I think. He’s more reserved, I guess, than the others (or even me), and eye contact is rather rare, which makes the little eye contact he does make worth more than regular eye contact. Eh? When Shannon first saw him, you could see the letters L-U-S-T line up in her eyes like she was a slot machine, honest to goodness. One night when hanging out, Shannon decided to make up a story (“future-telling”) and decided that he would save my life underwater and that we’d get married and become nudists and live in a nice condo and adopt a daughter named Nahojay and have sex ALL THE TIME, even on vacation. And after that, she couldn’t get it out of her head that we should be forced together outside of her story world. It was embarrassing, because she’d lasso me and try to force us to hug each other, and I just rebounded off him, or one time, she tried to make the whole circle hold hands just so he and I would be forced to hold hands. She’s good at cheapening things. Phelan is quite the Arizona peach tea addict, and one night while hanging out in front of a laundromat, he presented me with the gift of his can tab, which I slipped onto a hairtie and called a bracelet. I am still wearing it at the moment. The only down side? Jenny Lewis is a big no (though he did add “Silver Lining” to his pod, which he allegedly reserves for only 68 elite songs). He and Charles didn’t get along when they were younger, and Phelan once left Charles on the school bus asleep.

Torey was another original. He’s spunky and easily made fun of, but he takes it all really well. He lives in my basement, according to the Circle. He reminds me of Tim!

I didn’t get to know Travis until after the first meeting because he was so intrigued by my cousin Shannon that first time, and he’s a nice guy.  He’s very much a leader, and he knows that, and I guess we all accept that he’s the only born leader out of our group.  He sometimes wants hugs before he leaves. He has these freckles on his face that form an A+. While all the boys are skaters, Travis chooses to dress in khaki shorts most of the time. And he wears a watch. Which is freakin’ funny (I don’t know why). He likes to throw sticks.

Coleton makes faces. He’s really tall, a liiittle taller than Phelan. He always makes fun of me for being short. Actually, they all do. But Coleton makes hilarious faces when he does it, and it’s hard to make a straight face back.

We are having another Circle Meeting on Friday, I hope. And it’ll be super.


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wait. rebound? what? are you not with derek anymore or something???????

these dudes sound cool. tell them hi from me?

Comment by divya

I literally bounced off him because my cousin kept pushing me into him.

Comment by leindiemeister

OH. now i get it, i didn’t realize you meant it literally. that’s kind of annoying that she keeps pushing you to do that though…

Comment by divya

Haha, yes, and she is friggin loud. I miss you.

Comment by leindiemeister

haha you guys sound awesome.

Comment by adam

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