29 August, 2007, 1020 am
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I have told the story of my first day of school many times, and I will probably repeat it many more times.  Essentially, lunch was awkward and people sung “Happy Birthday” to me twice.  Most tried to figure out my family tree; I have two cousins, a sister, and an aunt at the high school alone.  And Eric thinks he’s family.  My initial evaluation was correct:  People at Lewisburg are quite kind, but not necessarily friendly.  It makes me uncomfortable that they invite me along but I constantly have to listen to inside jokes and topics of which I have no knowledge.  I’m sure I’ll learn to fit in, and then I always have my freshman friends, who I consider my best friends.  My freshman friends make people feel comfortable because they’re naive and nimble.  Even I know how to make people feel comfortable.  Ask questions, make people laugh.  Be open.  It builds relationships.  I just feel like I’m at the disadvantage because not only am I afraid of speaking to people, but I am also new.  I have found at least two other people similar to myself already.  One of them is a mite more open than I am but also more mysterious, and one of them is just like I was in math class last year.  I will make friends with him because I don’t think I could bare to let someone undergo the same sort of pressure.

For my birthday, I received money from grandparents and an iPod alarm clock and The Sims 2 Seasons from my father.  Seasons is excellent.  From Derek, I received two books and a CD.  The CD was Kill Them With Kindness, which is tender and soft and amazing.  The books are “Nothing Feels Good” by Andy Greenwald, a favourite author of mine, and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky.  I haven’t started the former, but the latter leaves me at a loss for words.  It’s just the type of book I love.  I find myself crying at touching aspects because I can relate, but I think that some boys might cry for Charlie, too.  I will be sure to write a full review when I’m done with it, but it’s already a favourite.  Phelan and I will do a book swap, I think, when I’m finished, and I have to read “Johnathon Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach.  I haven’t been able to get my hands on a well-written review of the book, so when I’m finished, I’ll pen my feelings.  I will probably cry, but book crying has a good, purposeful feeling.


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i know this is random coming from me, but happy b-day.- Matt. ask Derek how his eskimos are doing for me.

Comment by matt

i haven’t found the perfect present for you yet but i bet by the time i see you next i’ll have something really awesome waiting.

Comment by divya

Hi, my name is Kate and I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, if only because it’s sometimes disconcerting how much you remind me of myself (I’m slightly older, 18 and a college freshman.) I’m sorry if this comes across as creepy and stalker-esque, but I’ve just been too lazy to make myself known before. I’ve enjoyed your comments on recently releasted albums (especially Rilo Kiley’s Under the Blacklight; I found it clever, but lacking in soul,) and your general attitudes towards life. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an amazing book, definetly a favorite. Your glowing remarks about Arcade Fire inspired me to listen more extensively to, and gain a new appreciation for, them. I also read a book by Marc Spitz on your recommendation, and enjoyed it greatly. In short, your blog always brightens my day a little, and I hope you continue to write it, not just for yourself, but for all of us voyeurs, too.

Comment by Kate Flynn

He’s letting them mate and selling them when they get old, I think, but I’ll ask him anyway. Haha.

I want to get something for you, too. We can have a birthday exchange the next time I see you. I’ve been looking for the right thing since before your birthday, but when I get time to shop this weekend, I’ll find you something on Market Street!

Kate Flynn–
I am positively flattered by your following my blog in the shadows! I’m rather glad that my musings and reviews and recommendations have been taken seriously by someone else; I generally write them for my own amusement, but if they can help someone out or open some doors, it’ll give me a purpose. When I read this last night, you made my night, and going back and reading it, I’ve realized that this particular comment of yours will be one of the ones I’ll go back to and read to brighten my day. I’m psyched that you took my recommendations on the Arcade Fire and especially Marc Spitz. Ahh, and I’m glad you provided a link to your El Jay, too.

Comment by leindiemeister

haha i know what you mean ive been on the lookout since i went to canada and i didn’t find anything quite paigerrific enough for your bday. i’m formulating a teeny tiny notyethatched idea right now though…ooh.

Comment by divya

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