27 August, 2007, 1148 am
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I have a feeling that most of my friends this year will be the freshman friends I’ve already made.  Unlike my cousin’s friends, they’re trustworthy and honest, and more generally innocent, though that doesn’t mean you should underestimate their capacity for joking around.  They don’t distance themselves from girls as much because they’re so approachable, and I like that.  They’re good friends, not only to us, but to each other first and foremost, which I also like.  Maybe someday, I’ll write a post about them, but not right now.  That would be mortifying and cheesy.

I get that I’m older than them, too, and I’m constantly afraid they’ll exclude me for that, but mostly, they don’t seem to care.  It does come up sometimes, though, and my own naivety shocks me.  I nearly always act less than my age, but I like it when people can meet me halfway.  I’m fairly mature but I’m vulnerable and I’m never serious and I can’t commit to anything.  When someone realizes that, I’ll be grateful.


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yay for pennsylvanian freshmen friends!

your birthday and first day of school are tomorrow. like woah. call me when it’s all over? except probably calling me at my house at around 8ish might be best cause my audition’s 6:30. or you could call right after you get outta school. whichever. i miss you a lot. YOU’RE GONNA BE 17. and you really have to come back sometime soon.

Comment by divya

It is so artificial, these ages and the superficial difference it makes to be in specific grades. I mean, I don’t know how it could be done differently in high school, but it sort of sucks, because it tries to force these weird limitations on who you are friends with. And the thing is, if these freshmen are the ones you connect with, that’s cool. In fact, (bwahahaha) they’re so much easier to influence at that age. ;)

My best friend growing up was about 30 years older than me, I think. Maybe only 20. I can’t remember. it was a big difference, but we always said we were growing up together. It was more true than you’d think it would be.

Divya says today was your first day of school? Hope it went well (or as well as could be expected) and you haven’t torn out all your hair already or anything.

And happy birthday!

Comment by Deb

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