24 August, 2007, 353 am
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I’m almost seventeen. How does that feel?

I was going to say awful, but that wouldn’t cover it. Recently I’ve found that Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett don’t care about me. I live two states away from my boyfriend. I gave myself an awful haircut. My foot is ugly and blistery thanks to band camp. I finally realized that it doesn’t count for anything that I was once a part of a great band or a great pit because I’m not part of it anymore. But that’s only the down side.

I’m the new alterna-girl next door, ready with a supply of fourteen-year-old homies from across the street! My bad haircut is edgy and makes me look older. I can almost rent movies that are rated R. I’m in all AP classes and everyone recognizes me as looking like “that girl” from The Breakfast Club (though I did recently get an Audrey Tautou!). And while “that girl” is crazy, Britt Daniel has (according to Blender, the best magazine ever) always had a thing for Ally Sheedy. My Francophileness is rubbing off and making me seem very French. Here’s the truth about my heritage: I’m maybe six percent French. Maybe. I’m generally a little Irish girl roaming the streets of America.


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i had no idea you felt that bad :( i’m really sorry. i’m sure your hair looks beautiful as always. i saw pix remember? and the band thing counts, because you have memories of it.

i thought you weren’t going to do APs? which ones are you in, we can work through it together! you actually do look like audrey tautou a lot once i think about it. wow.

my dear, you need a hug. i have a really big one waiting for you. and i still have to find the perfect birthday present cause you’re gonna be wizarding-world legal. ♥

Comment by divya

Haha yes! Wizarding world legal! I actually cut my bangs even shorter and they’re sort of uneven and too short now. I’m now in AP English, AP Government, AP Physics, and AP Calc because LAHS doesn’t have Honours courses and I prefer a challenge over a doozy. Ha. I’m a bit started on Deathly Hallows! I CANNOT BELIEVE MOODY DIED! When I’m done, I’ll ring you up on your house phone and we’ll have a conference.

Comment by leindiemeister

it’ll grow back so don’t worry about it. but i’m sure it doesn’t look bad on you- your hair is naturally perfect, or at least, i think so. if you have hair like mine you’d have to straighten bangs every day because they would poof up and look terrifying.

ooh nifty. i’m in AP English, AP Spanish, AP Statistics, and AP Physics. so that’s two in common!!! word. i’m looking forward to it all! are they making you do summer work for it? i had summer work for 3 classes and it wasn’t completely horrible. idk if i told you before but you GOTTA read the kite runner, it is such a good book.

YAY I CAN’T WAIT!!! i know, it was shocking, he was all CONSTANT VIGILANCE HOMESKILLETS and you’d never expect that but i guess cause it’s a war these things happen :(((

Comment by divya

yes, I do hate to follow the trend, but you do resemble “that girl” from the breakfast club haha. Actually the first time I watched it I was like “hey, that looks like…”. But aside fom that, your new life sounds most entertaining and I wish I could break from Deep Rn :P

Comment by Laura

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