20 August, 2007, 1213 pm
Filed under: Music

If you have an hour, just go on over to Rilo Kiley’s MySpace and check out Under the Blacklight.  They’ve put up the entire album.  What I’ve gathered is some seventies influences (and definitely disco), a few purely pop songs that will take me a long long time to get used to, and a couple that I like.  I like “Silver Lining,” “Moneymaker,” and now (though not initially) I like “Dreamworld.”  I haven’t finished listening to the whole album yet, though.  Rilo Kiley is going to break through with this album.  They’ve “made it” if this succeeds.  But see, even with their pop songs, they still keep some of their quirks like the flashbacks, the lyrics (which are generally good if somewhat repetitive), and guitar licks.

Let’s say some average kid hears “Moneymaker” or “Under the Blacklight” or “Breaking Up” on the radio and loves it all.  He goes and buys the album and is FREAKED that this band that produces such radio hits produces folky pieces and disco shit (I mean that kindly) and things that sound like oldies.  Like, what the fuck?!  And then he goes and buys older albums and finds nothing like the radio hits he expected.  He finds indie.  And if he decides to buy Jenny Lewis’ solo efforts, he’ll find pure folk.  It’s confusing!  But Rilo Kiley has done a good job at staying different despite their major label debut.  They’ve changed, yes, and sold out a little as far as pop goes (I don’t think Death Cab ever sold out or changed all too much as far as song structure goes), but I’m still proud to say I listen to them and love them.


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