11 August, 2007, 1224 pm
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I finally have internet.

Let’s start before band camp. Charles lives across the street. A few days after we moved in, he, Phelan, Travis, Coleton, and Torey were chilling in the street and my eleven-year-old cousin Shannon decided to harass them, which led to a nightly gathering with at least Charles and Phelan, and sometimes Torey. Mostly, we sat in a circle on the street and talked, and one night, we walked to the park and talked. They are all fourteen with the exception of Charles and Shannon has called dibs on half of them (not Torey, though, because she hates him). Charles has escaped her wrath for two weeks to be in Ohio with his mom. Haha.

The first time I went to band, it was a two-hour thing where we received and practiced music. I went in feeling like I was going to shit myself and came out feeling relaxed. Why? My section, which consists of two other senior girls and two junior girls, is friendly and agreeable and accepting, and over the past week of band camp, I’ve grown to adore them in a non-creepy manner. They also listen to better music than that which is played on the radio as well as less mainstream movies, and for that, I have built up a great amount of respect for each of them.

In the past week, I’ve seriously only straightened my hair twice, and one of those was Tuesday, which was Character Day. The mallets section was the Spice Girls. I ACTUALLY got to be Posh Spice, which is a rarity, since in normal circumstances, I would have probably been the last choice for her since she’s really sexy. Agatha was Scary Spice, Katrina was an amazing Ginger Spice, Jessica R. was Sporty Spice, and Jessica B. (who somehow always makes me think of Peyton) was Baby Spice. Aside from that, I’ve had a constant craving for Jenny Lewis and Rilo Kiley.

Here’s the thing: I feel like living here, I’m becoming more natural. I don’t mind that I don’t have a flat stomach, because I make up for that with skinny legs. I don’t feel ugly, and I don’t have to wear makeup to feel pretty. If I smile at someone, chances are, they’ll either give me a glare and a once-over because I’m new or they’ll smile back. If I talk to someone, it won’t really be awkward, but it’ll be an introduction instead. If someone walks into me with a bass drum on, I won’t get a “you-should-know-that-I-can’t-see-around-that-gaddamn-Paige.” And if I mention Jenny Lewis or The Arcade Fire, chances are, there will be recognition instead of blank expressions, and I love that. Granted, no one is as much of a diehard fan as I am. Veganism is tangible and people actually understand. And this is why I initially liked Lewisburg, because you can be different and creative and there’s room to grow. I still like Lewisburg during the day best.

And then there’s the burning desire to see my Richmond friends.


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Radio, that reminds me. Have any radio stations to recommend? All I listen to is 96.9 and 96.5.

Comment by wut?!

Not in Richmond, no.

Comment by leindiemeister


Comment by wut?!

oh gosh i’m so happy that it’s that awesome up there for you!!!!!!! but i miss you too, but i bet if you didn’t have us to miss, you’d love it 100% because it sounds much better than rva. writing you a letter today that i didn’t get to start yesterday :(

Comment by divya

Haha. “Now I can write you letters and not look like a dumbass!” I need to buy me some paper at CVS.

Comment by leindiemeister

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