11 August, 2007, 1259 pm
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I’ve been tagged in two memes, and up until this point, I haven’t really gotten much of a chance to complete them, so here goes!

The first meme’s basic gist is that I’m supposed to tag five (5) blogs that I learn from.  I’m going to stretch and mold that a little and maybe not exactly tag five blogs, and the people I tag don’t exactly have to continue.  First, I’d like to say that Deb tagged me for this one, and had anyone else tagged me, I would have tagged her first and foremost.  So.

1.  All Things Go.  Simply put, they introduced me to Andrew Bird.  They opened my doors to hip-hop when I was in need.  And they gave me “Roll On” which features Jenny Lewis.  Will they continue the meme?  No.  But does it matter, after all they’ve done for me and not even known?  Uh, no.

2.   Good Weather for Airstrikes.  Klaxons, basically, and a bunch of covers, most especially the “Maps” cover by the Arcade Fire, which actually opened me up to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (not like it wasn’t going to happen eventually anyway).  I also learned about Kate Nash here, who is amazing.  GWFA is essentially my source for neat-o British music.

3.  Lacking Value.  He always, always, always has enormous points about religion and politics.  He’s a young vegan, and he writes a lot on animal rights.  His posts are mind-prying and passionate, though you don’t always realize it at first.  Though he writes about controversial subjects, he’s always strong in his writing.

4.  i hope there are paths in this town.  Adam is afraid of spiders, especially camel spiders.  He taught me some British slang once, so now when someone says they’re pissed, I think, “Hmm, why would you be drinking beer this early in the day.”  Bwaha.

That was almost five!  Okay, second meme when I get out of the shower.


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oh shit, does this mean i have to do this? i will get on this soon.

Comment by adam

you don’t have to. i mean, it took me a month or two to get around to it, and anyway, i won’t be offended if you don’t. haha.

Comment by leindiemeister

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