31 July, 2007, 1144 pm
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Last night, I watched The Princess Diaries on the Disney Channel and fell in love with it all over again.  It’s my favourite Disney movie because it’s relateable.  Well, except the part how Mia becomes the princess of Genovia.  That’s not really relateable, at least not for me or anyone else, ever.  When Mia and Michael finally kissed and her foot popped, I cried.  Well, then I laughed because it’s sort of unrealistic that it would, in turn, push up a lightswitch and make the garden look like an absolute Wonderland.  You can call me lame for saying this, but I really miss my Michael, my Lilys, and my Jeremiahs.


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it is a very cute movie (but the books are better imho). i haven’t seen the sequels though, are they any good?

Comment by divya

Ditto! I love The Princess Diaries! If you haven’t seen The Princess Diaries 2, then go see that! It’s even better!

Comment by kellysday

i miss youuuuuuuu. when’s the next time you’re gonna be here?

Comment by divya

hey, i found this site earlier today, and looking at it i thought a lot of it seems like stuff you’d like, too.

Comment by divya

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