30 July, 2007, 812 pm
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Oh my goodness, today was so effective.

I had to wake up at around 730 in the morning to get ready to help my aunt at Kelly Elementary School’s Extended School Year (ESY) program. Essentially, we were helping rising first through rising third graders learn to spell and do math. The reason I’m going in to help is because I have a senior project to do involving volunteer work, and it’s just an easy setup. We have four little boys in our class. They’re generally well-mannered (except Matthew) and fairly normal (except Matthew). After tons of crayon colouring, a trip to Weis for snacks, recess, and alphabet bingo, I was pooped. I sat around for a few hours and tried to read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Then I decided to start on some projects.

First, I have this pretty green shirt from Delia’s that had a missing button. The top button just fell off once while I was wearing it and I lost it. So I moved the middle button to be the top and I chose a silver one to be the new middle button and I sewed them into their new places, and now the shirt looks almost vintage. It’s hot.

Then, I had these Vigoss jeans laying around for a few months that I couldn’t wear because Louie had chewed them up and down both legs and made holes in them. They fit really well, though (especially the legs), and the chews stopped at a decent spot on the thigh, so I figured I’d cut them into shorts. so I traced around both legs with a red Sharpie and cut on the lines I’d made and tried them on and rolled them up at the bottom so they hit six or so inches above my knees. The chew holes look natural (abercrombie, anyone?); I mean, they are, but they look like the stylish kind. So I’ve been wearing my new shorts all afternoon. I think I’ll make something out of the bottom leg parts that I cut off, but I’m not sure what.

My hair has also been bugging me; ever since I cut my bangs to right below my eyes, they’ve been in my way. In photographs, my hair never looks good because it’s covering half of my face and the other half is wide open, and my part is generally way too far over to the right. So while my mom and sisters were out at CVS, I took my cuticle scissors and hacked away another two or three inches so my bangs fell to right at my eyebrows. At first, I was mortified that I’d done something so risky, and then I figured I could just clip them back until they grew, even though I like the comfort of hair in my face. Then I pushed them to the right angle and voila! Perfect bangs. No more worries while driving, no more pushing my hair out of my face, et cetera. I say they’re inspired by Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall.

Tomorrow, I’ll g to CVS and buy a composition notebook to write in. I’ll write blog-like entries in there and then copy them once I’ve set up my computer, because when so much is happening here, I don’t always have time to run over and write what I’m feeling. That, and there are so many people to share this computer with, it’s ri-donk-ulous.


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ooh i like your projects. very nice. i’m glad you’re having a decent time up there (?)

Comment by divya

here’s some fun activities you can try with those kids!

Comment by wut?!

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