26 July, 2007, 734 pm
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Everyone…and I mean everyone looks at us like we’re strangers.  Passing cars, passing people, neighbours.  Everyone knows we aren’t from here.  Either that, or we’re ridiculously attractive or just plain deformed.  Rachael’s making friends easily, thanks to MySpace.  She has a million adoring boy-fans because she tries so hard to fit in.  Too hard.  Might I mention that I despise her eyebrows?  They need serious reshaping.  Me, I probably won’t have friends until well after school starts, unless I can manage to find a job.  But my anxiety is heightened here because everyone is looking at me.  And it’s not just in my head when I’m here.

Yesterday, I cut myself some bangs.  It really wasn’t difficult.  I just took the hair that used to be my bangs and snipped it a few inches.

Today, my project will be running a mile on the treadmill.  Thank God for that treadmill.  Just, the week Derek came up here with us, we ate out a lot, and I started to eat more than I could handle.  Last night, we went to Damon’s and I got a salad and French fries.  During the day, I sprung it on my mother that I still wanted to go vegan and was trying hard and she flipped out, saying that it would double our expenses.  I told her that they could all eat my food and that my food was less expensive than theirs, but she wouldn’t hear it.  She said I was not getting vitamins and minerals and that was why I was cranky.  She said that it was selfish and stupid and that I was spoiled and that I was the epitome of theShort Pump West End kid, which is not true.  Kids don’t think about animal rights in Short Pump.  They don’t go vegetarian or vegan.  They don’t care.  And they don’t know.  She said she didn’t care if I ate or not.  Later on, of course, she apologized and said she supported my vegetarianism…but she said nothing of veganism.  Today, I’m looking for cheap and easy vegan recipes that I can cook.  If you have any suggestions, holler.

I think I’ll be fine once I can spread out in my own room and write with my music.


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I conferred with a friend, and we came up with:
1. Pasta with veggies and beans (with olive oil or jarred sauce or just tomatoes)
2. Salad with beans and bread
3. Chili and bread
4. Beans and rice
5. Bean and veggie burritos
6. Peanut butter sandwiches

The problem with bread is that the vegan stuff does tend to be more expensive (because they use various byproducts as a filler in the cheap stuff), so you might want to get into making your own. If you don’t have a bread maker, you can often find them for really cheap. And I think most bread makers can be used as rice makers as well. You don’t actually need a bread maker (or rice maker) of course, they just make things easier. I never want to take up kitchen space with them, so I don’t have them myself.

TVP (texturized vegetable protein) can be used in chilis, tacos, etc, and it is really cheap (around $1/lb) so if your mom is *really* concerned about finances, convince her that she shouldn’t use meat, she should use TVP!

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. If you need more specific recipes or general cooking instructions, I can fill in the gaps, and maybe come up with links to actual recipes. Though you might want to start by heading to – they have a bazillion recipes (i counted!) and reviews as well, so you can have an idea going in whether they’re good.

In general the things that are cheap:
– beans
– grains (even the expensive grains are relatively cheap)
– potatoes
– onions
– garlic
– carrots
– frozen veggies

Tofu isn’t hugely expensive, but it is sort of moderate I suppose. You can find soy milk pretty cheap now. Cereal is expensive regardless of whether it is vegan, so convince your mom to get oatmeal (not the instant sugary stuff, but the real stuff) instead.

As long as you avoid the expensive packaged stuff it is really cheap and really easy. If you can find a copy of “Becoming Vegan” at the library (ask them if they’ll order it for you, they often will if they don’t have it already) you can show your mom that her concerns about nutrition are unfounded.

Hang in there, and kudos for running! I love running…

Comment by Deb

Oh, I had to add – learn to make hummus! It is easy (as long as you have access to a food processor), and so tasty, and cheap too. And very nutritious.

Comment by Deb

Okay, I’m getting really hungry because I keep thinking about food! But some bread suggestions that would work for just about everything except sandwich bread is Irish Soda Bread and Cornbread. Both are really easy, don’t require rising (so no yeast) or “fancy” ingredients. About 10 minutes to mix ingredients, and then just pop them in the oven.

My fave recipe for cornbread is:
1 cup corn meal
1 cup flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup soy milk
approx 1 cup water
1/4 cup vegetable oil

Mix all the dry ingredients and then add the wet ingredients and mix together. Pour into a pan that has been well oiled. Bake at 350F for 30 minutes or until passes the knife test.

You can actually sub applesauce for some of the oil for if you like (I think up to half of the amount of oil that is called for is about the limit), and it works well, but requires about 10 more minutes cooking.

I don’t have a favorite recipe for irish soda bread, but I’m asking a friend if she has one.

Comment by Deb


Bean dips & spreads:
Just mash a can of beans with a fork, add in some minced garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and your herbs of choice.

Chickpea patties:
Mash a can of chickpeas, add in some garlic powder, salt, pepper, coriander and cumin powder and then mix in a little bit of flour and water so that it feels like it will hold together. Then just form into patties, fry up and eat on it’s own or in a sandwich. You can do this with any type of canned beans but I like it with chickpeas the best.

Comment by ida

You’ve both hit my tastes perfectly. Being a Mexican/Americanized Mexican-food lover, I loooovvvvveeeee beans. I’ll use both your suggestions to form a grocery list tonight.

And I love oatmeal. While my rat pal Louie was alive, sometimes I’d just snack on raw oats at night. Raw oats and raw Ramen noodles.

Comment by leindiemeister

Oh good! Loving beans makes it all so easy. They’re especially cheap if you cook them yourself, and they are packed full of nutrition.

I bet Louie was a cutie. I’ve never had a rat as a companion myself, but I know people who rescue rats and just adore them.

Comment by Deb

If your mum is genuinely concerned (i.e. not just building up her defences) about your health and nutritional needs then send her towards the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. That particular page has very useful information on vegan and vegetarian diets.

And as for recipes, besides VegWeb (which is undoubtedly the best :) ), I’d also suggest this less extensive list at the PCRM.

Comment by surplusvalue

you ARE ridiculously attractive (PLATONIC and supporting).
awesome, be there a pic of teh new hair?
um…oooh. salad with tofu and other proteiny things like chickpeas!

Comment by divya

oh haha i just saw that my idea really sucks compared to the others. sorry!

Comment by divya

here’s one of my favorite recipes for vegans.

what you’ll need is:

Alot of rope
some piano wire
super glue
A tape measurer

preparation is as follows

1. Find a suitably tall building
2. Cut a length of rope that will fall short of the ground by about 15 feet measuring from the top.
3. Cut a length of piano about 12 feet long
4. Make a noose out of the piano wire
5. Tie both the piano wire and the rope securely to the roof of the building.
6. Tie the rope around your ankles
7. Put the super glue on your hands, and put your hands on either side of your head, fingers pointing down.
8. wait for the glue to dry
9. Jump

Comment by wut?!

Divya–I’ll appreciate any idea. And no, no photos of the new hair. Not yet. I think I’m cutting my bangs a little shorter.

wut?!–So clever. I like to use a dash of cyanide, though, as a secret ingredient. It makes for better results. See, I’m a good-humoured girl, so I could take two approaches to your comment, depending on my mood. I could have a good sense of humour about this or I could present you the facts. Presenting the facts, though, we could get into some humongous factual argument or you may just never comment me again and never read my lengthy comment, thus rendering it a waste. And presenting the facts is often boring. I mean, if you’re an avid vegan-hater already, then you obviously know what a vegan eats and why they opt out of consuming meat and dairy (despite the fact that you don’t know that “alot” isn’t a word), and since you’ve taken a stance, you probably already know what happens to the animals and choose not to care. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. And as for why you hate vegans, I’m assuming you either think they’re arrogant or rich or that they believe they’re morally superior or badass, which isn’t the case because they’re human and they know it. I don’t really see how you’d think it’s annoying that people choose not to eat meat and/or dairy if it doesn’t affect you, unless, of course, you’re in the meat or dairy industry, in which case, hate away, I guess, because then your job probably fucking sucks, and maybe it’s just the best job you can get, in which case, I’m sorry.

I like how courageous you were as to place a link to your blog or website, or even your name (unless your mother/legal guardian named you wut?!, in which case, I’m very sorry) in your comment. Maybe you thought I’d anonymously leave hate mail on your blog, which I’d understand, but if you did think that, then you thought wrong. And if you were in fact afraid that I’d leave hate mail, meaning that you dislike hate mail, then why would you not have the courtesy not to do the same to another fellow blogger?

Comment by leindiemeister

I’m not afraid of retaliation, I just don’t have a blog, and you already leave enough hate on the closest thing to my website.

Just for the hell of it, I’ll go in-depth as to why I hate vegans.

They have pale bellies.

Comment by wut?!

wut?!–hahahahahhhaahahahahahahahaha fuck you!!! actually, jay, i did get a tan on my stomach. vaguely. it’s not THAT pale anymore. but my ass is still pale.

Comment by leindiemeister

I was hoping alot might have given it away, might.

I still have a farmer’s tan, but I can run for 40-60 minutes straight now. I really hope this pays off.

Hurray! You’re a bit less pale! *high five*

Oh, and the high five reminds me of something. I read an article earlier about some woman who’s studying what it means to be a nerd. Her definition is 1. uses over-the-top greco-roman words as opposed to germanaic ones (like saying It’s my observation instead of I think) 2. Wades in their whiteness – No black cultural influences 3. uses pocket protectors.

You get the picture. So, apparently, I’m not a nerd. Actually, I’m a ‘cool’ and/or ‘hip’ kid. See, I don’t talk like I have a broom up my ass, I wear baggy clothes, and I give high fives (we stole those from the blacks! sweet!).

Some people make me sad.

Comment by wut?!

By this woman’s definition, you may not be a nerd, per se, but that doesn’t make you hip by default.

Ooh. Did I really just say that? Oh, yeah, I guess I did. BURN.

You know, I find it hot when males wear tight shirts and “pound it” instead of giving high fives. I know you’ll probably take “pound it” as a sexual reference denoting that you’re not getting any, which isn’t what I meant, but I know you’ll appreciate the reference. I can’t really defend guys who talk like they’ve got brooms up their asses, though. I mean, not if they talk in over-the-top greco-roman sentence formation all the time. Meh.

You know The Princess Diaries? That’s my all-time favourite Disney movie.

Comment by leindiemeister

I find it hard to believe you can find anything positive about pounding it, as I’ve tried to get you to pound it many times and you try to slip a high five in instead. Yesss, it sounds so wrong.

Princess Diaries. D:

I’m more of a Raising Arizona kind of guy.

Comment by wut?!

Is that even Disney???

Comment by leindiemeister

i think it is disney but apart from that everything else that “wut?!” has said makes no sense and makes him/her/it look like a dumbass…

Comment by divya

I figured out who wut?! is, and he’s said nearly everything in good fun.

Comment by leindiemeister

haha okay. then i guess i take back the dumbass thing?

Comment by divya

No. You’ve said it. You can’t unsay it.

Raising Arizona is a Coen Brothers’ film.


Comment by wut?!

Who IS wut? I want to poop on him.

Comment by Erika

No u

Comment by wut?!

wut?! is next to me in the yearbook, and he has spiky hair. Good God, Jay.

Comment by leindiemeister


Comment by wut?!

I hate it when things replace emoticons with some image…

So is everyone who posts here from school, or somehow have a copy of our yearbook?

Comment by wut?!

No. Divya and Erika (who wants to poop on you) are from school, and they’re the only ones from our school. I could post your MySpace link for everyone else, but that wouldn’t help.

Comment by leindiemeister

I’m pretty sure it would, in fact, help.

Comment by wut?!

Why?! Oh, because of your profile picture, which is just such a fantastic photograph of you…

Comment by leindiemeister

You picked right up on that. :D :D :D

Oh, and I was thinking about the year book, my picture, and what exactly my quote should be. I was going to go with “What a long, strange journey it’s been” but it’s too overdone. Then it hit me. I’m going to go with “It’s all a sham! They’re just bibs that look like tuxes!”.

Comment by wut?!

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