22 July, 2007, 522 pm
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I won’t be able to do some elaborate, amazing post right now, but I’ll try to highlight the basics right now and colour them in later.  The past two or three days were hell, but we finally moved out of our home.  My best friends [including Divya, Erika, Derek, Paige, Connor, and Pauline] arranged a picnic for me in my front yard as a leaving partay.  We stayed a night at my father’s house where Baby, our nineteen-year-old cat, had something like a stroke and couldn’t walk right or move right (this is on the 19th).  Derek came with us to close on our Pennsylvania house, but the money hasn’t been wired to our account yet so we’re essentially without a home for now.  Baby died in the early hours this morning and I was the one who discovered him cold.  We buried him today.  Derek’s playing Guitar Hero II right now.  Not the best post, but I’ll write more later.


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oh my god. i am so sorry. call me??????

Comment by divya

I’ve been homeless for odd timing reasons too. It sucks but later you can look back and find it amusing.

I’m so sorry to hear about Baby. It is incredibly difficult to lose our friends, and it never seems fair. They should live forever.

Someone told me once, shortly after my dog died in ’99 (who I still cry over) that all we can do is love them as best we can as long as they’re with us. That applies to all the people around us too, and I think it is good to think about sometimes, because it is too easy to take everything important for granted.

That might help to think about later. For now, *hugs* and know that there will come a time you can think about him with a smile instead of (or in addition to) the tears.

Comment by Deb

i’m sorry to hear about that :(

hope everything goes alright though!

Comment by adam

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