10 July, 2007, 1100 pm
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Satan is a freaking net genius, and she found an internet connection on the beach.  It’s corrupting the whole atmosphere, but we all knew we couldn’t go a week without it.

Right now, as gross as it is, I feel like I’m medium rare.  My skin is coral-coloured and I walk like a granny.  It’s cool.  And gross.  So I’m inside today, and I’m packing on the SPF 45 tomorrow if I go outside, instead of the SPF 30.  Liz is hobbling around, too.  She needs hot boys, and I miss Derek.

Speaking of boys here, there are three kinds (according to Liz):  Twelves, Uglies, and Olds.  Twelves are boys who look like they’re twelve.  Olds are men above twenty who are ugly.  Uglies are boys between the ages of seventeen and twenty who look their age who are ugly.  To me, they’re all Twelves.


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nice, my friend calls them eleventeen year olds. pretty adequate name for them.

Comment by adam

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