2 July, 2007, 1035 pm
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I really am a worrywart.  When Derek called yesterday, I jumped on the phone and was ecstatic that he wasn’t mad, upset, or unwilling to see me.  I mentioned nothing.  He took me to dinner at Red Robin (I love their Garden Burger!) and then I drove us to Target, where he bought us both some Pokemon cards.  I won the “Who-Knows-The-Most-People Game” only because he let it slip that I might know someone he saw at Target, who I eventually located.  Derek was excited that he finally got a Puplip.

And then I felt bad probably because of something I ate and went home early.  After I laid down, I felt better, which sucked.

Alexa and my mother were watching Taladega Nights in my mom’s room, and I joined them for the last half of the movie, and then we watched the Gag Reel, and…you guessed it, the Special Feature Walker and Texas Ranger, which is the most awfully hilarious thing I’ve ever seen.  They’re these two kids, the children in the movie, and they’re just awful…you’d really have to see it.   So here it is!

It also turns out that we are moving on the nineteenth as was originally scheduled and thus, we’re going to the beach on the eighth!  I’m excited for the beach, but as for moving, I’m still not so sure.


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oh. poo. 19th again :(((((((((((((((((( i was lookin’ forward to those extra possible days.

Comment by divya

garden burger. that just conjurs up memories of my grandmas garden. not nice.

Comment by adam

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