22 June, 2007, 1205 pm
Filed under: Barrels of Fun, My Experience with Existence

I’m partially better.  I’m really lazy lately, ever since I got back, like today I woke up at 1130 and sat there and watched Scrubs for a while until Turk did that thing with Bugles on his fingers, which, for some reason, made me laugh hysterically.

As we drove home on Wednesday, I felt the tension release in my throat and chest and the sadness lifted from my mind and I became happy.  Granted, since we got home at about 2000, I wouldn’t be able to see Derek until Thursday.  But I got to talk to him on AIM and play The Sims 2, which is now acceptably fun because my computer is twice as fast, meaning that loading isn’t tedious, gameplay isn’t jerky, and I can put the Graphics settings at higher levels.  And download more HAWT content.

My mother presented my car to me yesterday.  It’s our ’92 black Plymouth Acclaim, complete with a red interior, manual windows, and (I found out later) manual headlights.  And dead bugs.  And bird poop.  I went to Derek’s for a while, where we chilled, and then he decided that we should go to the car wash!  He got a bunch of quarters ready, and we drove to the car wash near his house, where we vacuumed the seats and the bugs and the floor, and then we drove through the actual washing part.  And it’s now REALLY SHINY.  And then we went to the mall, went to my house, ate dinner, and went back to his house.  It was nice being back together again.

When I had to leave at 2200, I realized, “Shit, I don’t know how to turn on the headlights.” So I spent five minutes in my car with the door jacked open (so the overhead light would go on–which, that light really doesn’t reach anywhere I needed it to) fiddling with things, like the windshield wipers and other bars, like the steering wheel adjuster and some mysterious button.  When I rang the doorbell of Derek’s house, he opened the door readily and laughed hysterically, and his little sister Maggie mocked me.  I was laughing, too.  After he’d fiddled around a bit, I decided to try and push in the mysterious button, which was when I realized that it was actually a knob, and you had to pull it OUT and then turn it!  I couldn’t turn off the wipers, though, so I just drove home with them on.

When I got home, I played The Sims 2 until Orenda (yes, named after Orenda Fink and modelled after Orenda Rilo (yes, her mom was named Kiley Rilo after Rilo Kiley), a Sim I used to have on my old computer, who I loved dearly!) had twins and I realized that Violette and Arthur were pregnant–well, Violette was pregnant with Arthur’s baby.  I’ll put up photos of my awesome Sim creations later (females and houses).  Because I suck at making good-looking male Sims, except Win Lacoste (yes, he’s named after Win Butler but there’s no Regine yet).

Today, I’m going to make some improvements to my car, such as putting all my CDs in there since there’s a CD player, which is a new improvement and scraping all the excess bird shit off the hood, and throwing out all the junk in there and eventually I’ll get matching pillows, maybe black pillows…because I’m so durned short that I need a pillow to sit on when I drive.


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oh my goodness. car. wow. CONGRATS!!! can i meet it?

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