12 June, 2007, 726 am
Filed under: Music, My Experience with Existence

Um. Our house sold. Um. We’re moving to Pennsylvania on July 19th-ish.

I know I need to cry. I need to let it out, but I can’t, for whatever reason. There’s very little I’ll miss here in Virginia, in Richmond, in the suburbs. I’ve never liked our house.

Here’s all the things I’ll miss infinitely, in no particular order, because I couldn’t order these things:

1. Divya. One of my best friends for nine years, ever since we met at that stupid-ass block party in the Cul-De-Sac. We had fun, though. And she always has this incredible ice cream cake for her birthday, and we can rave about Pirates and Harry Potter and LotR together, and we watched one Star Wars together–Attack of the Clones. And we were, for a time, both obsessed with Sailor Moon. And even after that anime phase, we’re still tight. That’s got to say something.

2. The Triad (Erika and Paige). We’re crazy-ass motherfuckers. I mean, trying to fly a toy airplane we bought from CVS across a field, and it was supposed to go 10 whole feet, but it wouldn’t even go two. I’ll never forget it. Or pumpkin muffins and watching Friends at Paige’s, or playing GHI and GHII or going to Chen’s with the men (who aren’t really men, not most of them). Or our lunch standing group. Or going to the pool twice. Or Carytown or Scene Pump.  In addition, I’ll miss hanging out with Tianna, and I hope I spelled her name right.

3. Derek. What the hell? He’s patient, loyal, sentimental, sweet, handsome, just amazing, and I’m not sure which of us this will crush more. And do you want to know what he said to me twenty minutes after I told him? He said, “I love you so much.”

4. Connor. Man.

5. Marching band/the pit (Tim/Jordan/RaOUF). Subway trips. Band trips. Those guys are some of my best friends in the world. I’m a huge dork.

6. Running at the track.

7. Chandana and our lunch discussions and all we had to endure.

8. My perverted, disgusting, awful extended study chat group, consisting of Drew, Matt, Billy, and Jay.

The one song that I will accept to enter my ears is “Roll On” featuring Jenny Lewis by Dntel.


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i think you’re very lucky, i’ve been dying to get away from where i live for the longest time, a fresh start is what i need. good luck with it all mate.

also dntel are fab.

Comment by adam

oh, crap. the only slightly bright thing i see at the moment is that you’re not leaving until after my birthday. please tell me you’re riding the bus this morning.

Comment by divya

well, i’m sure you’ll have fun up there ’cause it sucks down here BUT I’LL MISS YOU.

Comment by divya

hey paige!

I’ll miss u but atleast I have a new source to contact u. I sent u a gaggle. Check it out.


Comment by Chandana

(i gave chandy your blog address ’cause i figured she should know how much you’ll miss her too)

Comment by divya

You live in richmond?! i live in williamsburg & i’m moving at the end of the first week of july to vero beach florida.

so i know how you feel :/

Comment by arf

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