11 June, 2007, 617 am
Filed under: My Experience with Existence

Here’s me telling it like it is:  I’m a slave for indie.  Every morning, I have to set aside forty minutes to slave over a hot flatiron and tame my unruly brown hair.  My bangs must fall over my left eye.  If I’m feeling adventurous or want to be sexy, I’ll draw on some eyeliner, but I try to be as pale as possible.  I’ll slip on my skinny jeans (Levi’s, of course–occasionally with the ends rolled up) and drag the worn-out studded belt through all five loopholes, then secure on the second-tightest hole right over my right hip, because everyone knows that it’s not indie unless it’s slightly askew (as in, you can’t just walk around with your belt buckle right in the middle).  Depending on the day, a slightly large regular band tee-shirt will be worn with maybe a necklace, or a nicer, girlier shirt will be carefully arranged so that my collarbones poke out.  When I scramble down the stairs, I’ll either slip my toes into a pair of now-gray (they used to be black) battered low-top Chucks (Bright Eyes/Desaparecidos lyrics and all) or a pair of green flats with pandas on them, or sliver flats that make me feel like Dorothy Gale, or a pair of brown plaid flats with little bows on them.  I rarely wear socks and I don’t do perfume.  So again, I’m a slave for indie.


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excellent post. it’s sort of different for guys, well for me anyway. i wear lots of stripey stuff, stripey, uh, “sweaters” (we call them jumpers) and tees and stuff. my day would be to fall out of bed, drag on my jeans (i don’t wear skinny ones but my girlfriend is insisting that i wear them) and thread my indie belt (its stripey, not studded) and sort that out. then i slip on socks (not quite stripey) and my excellent yet worn out flats with a cool pattern and holes in them. i don’t have too many band tees that are wearable anymore, they’re all too small for me, i just keep them for myself.

Comment by adam

nice :)
i never wear my studded belt anymore (the days of wannabe scene are over (and scene, though adam doesnt believe me), and im not a lesbian (it’s flourescent pink), i’m just waiting for my SA belt buckle to be bought me by someone (adam) ahem.
also, i have no band tshirts because im too scared to buy them. honest truth. once i have the two someone (adam) ahem might be buying me i think i’ll just get a star trek one or two. even though that might be more scary. never know, the nice trekkies might find me a bit of the new seven of nine? because thats just good. im nowhere near a first season purist, mind. TNG and Voyager all the way.
(sorry if you’re not quite following my train of thought)

and in response to your comment about my french, yeah those were typos. my french teacher’s actually pretty great so we learn all the stuff we need but don’t necessarily use everything all the time (extra e for females etc) but she’s taught us when to use imparfait pretty well. it’s basically use it if something continues. like you wouldn’t say ‘he was nice’ as if it stopped right afterwards, so you’d use imparfait. :)
idk, im constantly slipping up but i still love it. have to write a passage on my work experience tonight, wheyy.

Comment by henrietta

not having a style (cough such as me cough) is quite a problem. lucky you, you have yourself figured out.

Comment by divya

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