8 June, 2007, 609 pm
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I got to discover the true feelings of my peers in history the other day, and it was ugly.  We went from talking about the Supreme Court to an improvised debate on gay marriage and gay rights.  It’s something that, as a Libertarian, I feel strongly about–it’s one of the two issues I’ll stand up for.  People should be allowed to love whoever they want, especially if they’re born with a certain mindset, and there’s nothing wrong with being gay.  As Christians, they should be allowed to get married if they want to; unions are cool, but who established that being gay was so wrong?  It’s not even been confirmed that Soddom’s sin was homosexuality.  I saw this on the History channel.  It was that these people were violent.  You know, there’s separation of church and state over hyahh, and I think we should keep it that way.  The government has no business to defend that stupid Christian ideal.  I also think that gay people should totally be allowed to adopt children, most especially since they can’t have them without an artificial aspect or like…cheating bisexually.  Some would argue that children who grow up with gay parents would suffer from tons of discrimination, but so what?!  It’ll give the child the morals of diversity and acceptance.  What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, or something like that.  The whole reason we have homophobia today is not because we were born with it; our parents engraved it into our brains.

Of course, I was a loud defendant.  When I said something along the lines of, “Gay people are just that–people, and they have feelings, too.  Love is love!” a good half of the class laughed at me (when I told Erika that I felt like standing up and flicking them all off, she said I should have).  Most of the other girls totally backed me up, and two or three sat there silently listening, but the majority of the guys went crazy.  One asshole in particular basically said that it should be illegal to be gay, to which the only guy on my side responded, “That’s like making laws against being black.”  Which is very true, actually.  Although I can’t vouch for this from experience, homosexuality is a mentality you’re born with.  It’s not a choice.  If it was more universally accepted and if we eliminated all this discrimination, I believe we’d find that more apparent; little gay boys wouldn’t claim to have crushes on girls.  They’d be able to be themselves, and they could express that.  Same with little lesbian girls.  Homosexuality isn’t gross.  In fact, the persecution gays face today is similar to that blacks faced back just before the Civil Rights movement.  There are hate crimes, there are offensive words and there’s tons of discrimination.

It took me a while to calm down after that debate, but I enjoyed it.  Sure, my voice wavered while I stood up for what I believe in, and I was shaking afterwards  because I’d voiced my own opinion to a crowd of people I hardly know, and then some of them thought I was dumb.  As for homophobes, I say they’re not comfortable enough with their own masculinity or femininity.  And it was only the jocky extreme right-wing Christian football players who argued.  I sure am comfortable with myself.  I’m straight and I like guys.  But I won’t despise your very flesh and blood if you aren’t the same.  In fact, we might get along pretty snazzy.  If it doesn’t affect them directly, then why do they want to do everything in their power to prevent it?!  Change is good.  It’s the twenty-first century.  I just want some justice.  Someday, though, they’ll see, and there’ll be a Gay Rights movement, and they’ll get the equality they want and deserve.

By the way, I’ve been listening to Jenny Lewis a lot more lately.  My favourite two songs off her solo album are “The Charging Sky” and “Rise Up With Fists!!” but just to be fair, I really love everything Jenny’s put out thus far.  Oh, Rilo Kiley’s new album, “Under the Blacklight” is going to be awesome and nothing has leaked yet as far as I know and I’m uber-excited because it’s coming out in August around my birthday (actually, if it comes out on the 20th like I heard it would, then it’ll be eight days before I turn seventeen).


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much respect for doing that. i bet it took a lot of guts. if only there were more americans like you, instead of all the “jesus hates fags” stuff.

Comment by adam


Comment by divya

Props for backing what you believe in; for taking the harder of the two available options: to voice or not voice.

It is bizarre how so many people manage to justify to themselves their homophobia. Are they just merely insecure about their own sexuality so to try to affirm it by denouncing someone else’s? Or are they just so amazingly ignorant that they think this is good, while that is bad? To a degree, religion and antiquated customs and superstitions can probably be blamed here.

Besides, regardless of whether it is a choice or sourced from genes (evidence points towards genes), what difference does it make? Who defines what is and isn’t natural, and moreover, what compelling reason is there for discriminating against homosexuals anyway? None, whatsoever.

Comment by surplusvalue

Though you see that descrimination today, we have come a long way from what it used to be. Back in the 50’s, it was unheard of to be gay-or so it seemed, because coming out was considered a crime against humanity. Now, you see more and more people embracing the fact that their gay-and they should be able to. It isn’t a crime, and though I am a supposed Catholic, I don’t see anything wrong with homosexuals. In fact, I’m accquaintences with a few. If anything, they’re more fun to be around then most people!

Comment by Laura

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

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