6 June, 2007, 945 pm
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Every day when I go up to the elementary school’s gravel track, I draw a start line and then I hastily sketch a huge anarchy symbol into the gravel. And then I run a mile.

I’m not an anarchist. I think that there needs to be some kind of control over the people, but a loose enough one that they can do almost anything they need to. There’s a special kind of adrenaline rush that comes from corrupting the minds of the young. I keep thinking someone will call the police and have me arrested for some bullshit vandalization, but it can be erased. After all, it’s just gravel.

My Math Analysis teacher asked me today if I’d like to take AP Calculus next year instead of regular, because I’ve apparently brought my grade up so much that I could. I was stoked beyond stokedness. I’m not set for any AP courses next year–not even History or English (honours times two). Math is possibly my worst subject, but I mean, if I am specifically offered the opportunity, I think I should take it. Tell me if you believe otherwise.

As for musiqqqq, which I haven’t written about in a long while, I have a few Chansons de la Semaine this time. Alors, volume deux commence ici!

First, “Our Haunt” by Palomar. My awareness began somewhere in the blogosphere, and I’ll be damned, but I forget what blog I read about them on! I didn’t know until recently, but they’re a three girl/one guy outfit. What I did know is that they’re awesome. Admittedly, they originally reminded me a bit of Paramore if they smoked a ton of pot (not to say Palomar is a group of hippies–their music’s just slowerish), or of Erin Fein’s (Headlights) long lost sisters. And brother. Jenny Lewis popped into my mind, too, because Palomar does sound a lot like Rilo Kiley; even Rachel Warren’s voice is similar. About the song: I like the urgency. Something about this song makes you feel purposeful. Just keep truckin’.


Our Haunt | Palomar
Palomar’s Myspace

Okay, chanson deux this week is “Kicking the Heart Out” by Rogue Wave. I did get this one off of the All Things Go Valentine’s Day Mixtape 1. It’s another one of those purposeful songs, though. They almost sound like this cute 70s band, but I mean…they’re not. In a band comparison, I’d say they’re almost identical twins with The Shins, but then again, they’re brethren, technically, because both bands are signed to Sub-Pop. Or were, rather. Didn’t The Shins move labels or something?

rouge wave

Kicking the Heart Out | Rogue Wave
Rogue Wave’s MySpace (because it’s easier to get to than their website)

ADDED TREAT!! Um. This one has been circulating the blogs forever, and I recently fell in love with it. It’s The Arcade Fire covering the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Maps.” I’m going to be a big old dork and dedicate this week’s treat to Derek D-Slice for two reasons. One, it’s a lovely song, and two, it’s sung by The Arcade Fire, and if that doesn’t mean something, then I don’t know what does.

Chassagne and Butler

Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover) | The Arcade Fire


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Lolz, you little anarchist you. I think I’m going to call the police on you when you run. I’ll be in the bushes.

As for Math, congratz. Considering how much you’ve told me of how bad you are in that class, I’m very proud. I’m scared about Algebra II honors next year. From what I hear, it’s hard as a muthah.

Thanks for the dedication, yo. I’m honored. don’t really have time to listen to all of these tonight, but maybe tomorrow during extended study, maybe sooner…..I’ll see you tomorrow. Rarara

Comment by Derek

go for it. i was in a similar position last year (well, sort of) and i took it. took a hell of a lot more work though, but it was worth it in the end, i came out with top grades i couldn’t have got otherwise.

and hahaha i found out yesterday i have 1,000+ plays on the arcades fire “in the back seat”. oops.

Comment by adam

your comment made me feel all warm (because i like being commented on.) also you’re better at music writing than i am.

Comment by dom

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