6 June, 2007, 611 pm
Filed under: My Experience with Existence

So what about that colonial project?!  Ours kind of sucked, but at least it was organized.  I honestly don’t give a shit about colonial technology.  Sorry.

You know what?  I can’t think of anything to write lately.  Nothing really good.  We had our last French test yesterday, on two years’ worth of verbs, and I felt a pang of sadness once I’d turned it in.  I have five signatures in my yearbook, not counting two from one person.  I don’t feel like riding the bus anymore and I feel resentful towards the friends who follow me like I’m a part of their pack.  I never accepted said, “Yeah, we’re biffs,” because I have my own friends.  I’ve had tons of blasphemous thoughts in the past week or two, and if I somehow voiced them, I’d make a lot of people angry and a few people sad.  The thing is, I’m starting to lose that cover I’ve hidden behind.  I keep putting on a happy face and pretending to be everyone’s friend, little pushover me, but almost everyone in my life bugs the shit out of me, and I don’t get enough time in with the people who aren’t in my life enough.  And next week, I’m going to unleash the storm of fury.  I don’t want it to turn out like Max Keeble’s Big Movie, where he doesn’t end up moving after all, but I know that for me to have inspiration again and not write these annoying whiny posts, I’m going to have to be a bitch.  I’m also going to need a license and a job.

I want to have a fucking picnic, and even Rachael (Satan) has had two at Maymont for the past two weekends with girl pals.  Here’s what I want:  A picnic on a blanket not at a table under a tree with sandwiches or pasta and good food lots of fruit and some veggies no meat plz and thx warm weather not windy quite sunny fairly isolated but not really just not near any major roads or roads period.  That wasn’t really a sentence.  I thought about it all on the bus yesterday and how maybe I’m going to have to take myself on a picnic soon.

OH, BALLIN’!  By the way, the two guys who used to have to sit next to me in Math Analysis now sit on the other side of the room separated!  I have two whole tables to myself!  I don’t have to be self conscious, even if I am people repellant.

Our band director gave us a quiz yesterday, ten questions, about scale degrees.  I studied hard, but then when he collected them, he looked at everyone’s number TEN and called out your name if you got it wrong.  It actually infuriated me.  He said, “THIS WAS SOO EASSYYYY!” and I felt like rolling on out of there, because it really isn’t when he confuses you with crap about B-double-flat and tries to explain that flats and sharps cancel out and that the submediant is a half-step down from the leading tone of a scale.  Alright, maybe I do understand, but the quiz was fucking confusing.  And when he was teaching this stuff to us, he got pissed off whenever someone asked him a question or didn’t get it.  He nearly bit off Danielle’s head off when she asked what he was trying to teach us, because she didn’t get all the different C numbers (like C2, C3, C4, C5, and C6).  The best teachers are the most patient ones.  I don’t like when my grades are announced to the class without my consent, especially in band.  It pisses me off.  He also asked us to put up our stands while he was texting (they were “squeaking” and it bugged him), and then less than five minutes later, he told us to get out our instruments and take out the stands again.  Whenever someone mentions Mr. Chlorie in his presence, he just kind of stares blankly at the class until everyone shuts up, because he doesn’t care.  In fact, he acts like he resents Chlorie, and that he was so bad, but I don’t think he was such a horrible band director–he was just getting old and lazy because his retirement was coming up.


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The thing about him is that he acts more like a middle schooler than a band director…and he teaches high school. Honestly.

I didn’t put my name for the sake of this getting revealed to the school

hang in there. It sounds like the move will be a good experience for you-something new and fresh

Comment by Watermelon

a picnic. you know, that’s not a bad idea.

and that guy, seems like a giant cock. next time you see him, blurt out some good ol’ english profanity.

buggering twatting sodding cunting barmy skegging tosser.

seriously, it’ll do you a world of wonders.

Comment by adam

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