2 June, 2007, 1051 pm
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About that Colonial House! We’re watching the DVDs from the 2003 PBS show in history class. Get this–Dunavant said, “Every year, I give my students a project on the 80s and 90s.” I almost shat my pants, I was so happy. Then he said, “But this year is the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, so I figured you could do a colonial project.” I FELT CHEATED!!! But I’d be able to do it by myself, so no big deal. Then he added, “It’s a group project, just to make things easier on you.” I almost had an anxiety attack. But at least I’d be able to work with Sara and Christina and Amanda, probably, and we’d cooperate well. He tacked on, “Instead of letting you pick your groups, we’re going to draw from a lottery like they used to in the colonial era!” And that was it. I was like, “…Fuck.” It couldn’t be a worse project.

So my partners are two guys, the one who sits next to me and one who sits two rows in front of me. They’re good kids, nice enough to me, and I think that the one who doesn’t sit next to me doesn’t have a complete aversion to me. I know it makes me seem like a COMPLETE pushover, but I offered to finish it this weekend. The only reason behind that is that I can make it look gorgeous if I’m working on the Powerpoint on my own. Lady’s touch, you know? Maybe I’ll even make like…a movie?! With music?! My music?! We’ll see how far I get…but I can guarantee that it’ll be AWESOME.

Back to Colonial House. Paul Hunt is by far the most intriguing reality television “star” ever. You’d almost expect to find him on an MTV show, but then he’s almost too agreeable for that.

Well, on the last episode we watched, there were a bunch of Native Americans reenacting their past for the sake of…who knows what…but they were quite rude to the “colonists.” I understand that they were hostile because of what their ancestors went through when the colonists arrived, but they made things kind of personal. They were directly angry at the people reenacting history, quite bitter, and it made me angry. I mean, Caroline and Don and Paul and Giacomo and Julia and all them never did anything directly to hurt these Native Americans, and even if their ancestors did, they can’t help that. They’re trying to learn these mistakes so they don’t make them. They’re attempting to move beyond the differences that the Native Americans and the English once had. Just because they’re reenacting this bit of history doesn’t mean they’re just like the British who came over and colonized and lived in fear of the natives.

I need to work on my project.


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good luck! i have this project to finish too…abt pt barnum. ehh. i hope it turns out well.

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