1 June, 2007, 1110 pm
Filed under: My Experience with Existence, School

It was kind of strange/awkward seeing Austin Coldiron, David Anderson, et cetera, at Chipotle today.  Not gonna lie.  I’ve been curious as to their college endeavours, but all I can do is lurk like the little Praying Mantis I am.

I want to write my college essay about either Louie or the Arcade Fire concert.  I’m thinking Louie would give me a good chance to represent myself in a different light than that which people normally see me in.  Everyone already knows I love indie.  Everyone already knows the Arcade Fire changed my life, and maybe it’s just not something that anyone can relate to.

To Do List:
1.  Finish history project
2.  Write college essay
3.  Study French verbs
4.  Buy supplies for chemistry lab
5.  Do math homework
6.  Clean room

Possibly in that order.  By the way, who else loved Paul on Colonial House?  More on that show tomorrow, I promise.


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i was gonna go to chipotle last night too!!! but then we didn’t. i had cereal for dinner ’cause i can’t eat anything real without wanting to barf i’m so nervous about the audition results.
that’s a really good topic- they like the obscure things not most ppl write abt. good luck on the essay!!! i wrote abt getting switched from first vln to second vln.
weird. i just noticed how even though i thought it wasn’t, violin still is my whole freaking life. is that good or is it bad?

Comment by divya

oh man and i was even thinking of dropping french 1 if we are having 2 orchs just so i could be in both orchs.

Comment by divya

so are you an.. indie cindy? god hadouken are such an awful band.

Comment by adam

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