1 June, 2007, 535 am
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Most important things first: Eric Barker. From what I’ve observed, he’s a fun kid, real talented at film-related things, and basically the creator of Wildcat News, the function we watch on TV every morning. His special reports are often creative and witty, especially his most recent one. Basically, Yearbook “forgot” about him and neglected to even acknowledge him PERIOD on the two or however many pages they dedicated to the Wildcat News. If I was the brains behind such an important program, hellz yes, I’d be pissed off (to the fourth degree). Eric Barker is a good kid, so instead of running around yelling like an australopithecus afarensis, “MAN I SO PO’D, FUCK YEARBOOKKKKK,” he did something rational and original. He made a special report for the Wildcat News, a satire, essentially stating that the yearbook has no room for “Uglies” and that he got no credit where credit was, in fact, due. He offered a yearbook supplement, where you’d tape/glue in his photos where they belonged. It was funny, appropriate. Just watch it.

NOW. I thought it was hilarious. One of my main rules as far as life goes is that if someone’s complaining publicly, you probably shouldn’t take it too seriously, especially if they’re asking for recognition. No lie, Eric Barker deserves it because they really did cheat him, but it’s a general rule. And he did crack some jokes in the video, such as the “No Uglies” thing, so you had to know he wasn’t entirely serious. COME ON. Some people, though, took it seriously. The administration took it way too seriously. I’m not sure what happened, but I do know that one morning, we watched him use the First Amendment and satire away, and the next, we saw him sitting in a chair in front of the camera, looking uncomfortable and sending out an apology and explaining that it was, in fact, a satire. That boy has guts. I know they probably forced him to do that, “or else,” but it was still a courageous thing to do. Another example of why administration sucks! Yay!

By the by, I think the yearbook’s awesome. It could use some tweaks; some people are mislabeled in candids (like Jordyn Esposito is on page 12 and they called her Jess Steele; I am not even acquainted with either and I know this–oh, and Holden McGowan on page 9 is labelled as Sean White WTF?), certain social groups are completely exempt from candids (ahem), there isn’t enough writing space, nothing for shy people, and there is nothing in there about the pit’s weekly Subway trips during marching band season (no photos, even!)–and CERTAINLY not enough Uglies–but I know the Yearbook staff worked real hard on it, and they should be proud of their work. I’m a little disappointed at the number of times certain people kept reoccurring just because they’re beautiful (for example, Isabella Althoff, Casey Vanfossen, Mrs. Southworth). I’m not photogenic, but I like to be quoted and photographed. It kind of makes me feel loved.

This moves me right along to pit. Bottom line, I miss Emily Niedermaier and Peyton Nichols more than I’ve ever missed anyone else. They were amazing morale boosters, and since I’m the only girl left, I kind of have this circle of protection–Derek, Justin, Tim, and raOUF–but even Jordan and Sean have converted to drumline! We’ve got this instructor who’s about four years my senior, and I get the feeling that he dislikes me, possibly because I’m a girl and possibly because I’m not actually a percussionist–I’m an oboist. The reasons I didn’t try out for section leader? One, I’m moving. Two, I’m an oboist, which gives me no right to dictate to little kids about how to play percussion. Three, ever since Derek arrived, I was like, “…Fuck. He’s good.” Four, I’m not a leader. I’m a follower, and I lack the confidence to lead anyone else through anything else. I’m an independent learner–I can catch on quickly, but I can’t teach anyone else because my brain is a little complex. I’ve got three languages under my belt, I’ve read hundreds of books and watched dozens of television shows, I write, I’ve listened to thousands of songs…I have the kind of experience that others lack, but I’m not qualified to do anything, not even teach my peers French. Five, I’m not a music person. I can listen to it, and I would for a living, but I can’t really play it worth crap.

Thus, it’s weird being “good” at mallets and not being thrown onto xylophone, which I genuinely hate because I’ve had to play xylo and bells every year before this one, and I feel that my true calling (assuming I even have one) is to vibes first, marimba second.

So how about that French? It’s helping me learn musiq, finally. Earlier this week, we had a music terms quiz in band. I freaked out when I saw the portion of the list that we had to know, but then I read them and there were cognates GALORE between French, Spanish, English, and the original Italian. Sordino, for example, means “muted.” Had I not taken French, I would’ve been all, “Huh?” but since I’m in French Deux, I know my stuff. Sourd means deaf, so I used that to remember sordino. Kind of a stretch. Here’s another: morendo. Dying away. You could go to Spanish or French for this one. Muerto/muerta, meaning something along the lines of “dead or dead person,” or mort/morte/morir, meaning “dead/dead/to die.” Dolce is an easy one. Fine is like fin in French; finir. Grandioso is grand/grande. Largo is largo in Spanish, long. Ritardando is easy for any language. Je suis en retard. Alright, I’m done.

But I’d have to say that possibly the best part of my day was pit practice, regardless of the missing people. And regardless of the fact that Mr. Gillis has NEVER heard of the Arcade Fiyahhhh and prefers Led Zeppelin (the latter of which is alright by me, but the former is unforgivable).


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agreed on the satire thing. i actually went up to him in the middle of the hallway while pauline was talking to him either the day of or the day after the video and gave him a hug.
completely understood abt missing seniors.

Comment by divya

i have no idea what’s going on in this post but it seems interesting enough.

and never heard of the arcade fire? disgusting.

you’ll get on well with my girlfriend, she bums french as well.

Comment by adam

HAHAHA The Sean White thing is great. Did you know there isn’t even a kid in our school named Sean White? Props to this, I can’t believe how stupid our school is sometimes

Comment by Laura


Comment by Shasha


Comment by indiechouette

oh, lolllllololol shasha.

Comment by indiechouette

I googled my name and your blog came up. Kind of strange considering i have no idea who you are. Id like my name out of this please.

Comment by Casey VanFossen

I would censor myself only if I felt that I wrote something gravely wrong. I do not feel that I wrote something gravely wrong or even revealed any details about you. Plus, I wrote this well over two years ago and barely remember who you are.

Comment by indiechouette

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