28 May, 2007, 1020 pm
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Before I write my meme post or write more about music, or about French, I’d like to write something quite short on social phobia. There are few novel characters who have it–few or none. Some day, I will write a grand novel, where my main character will have social phobia and be completely misunderstood, and a friend of hers will had schizotypoid personality disorder, and together, they’ll overcome some tough social challenge. You will all be able to relate. I’ll write it for all of you.

The main thing that brought this sudden decision up is that I’m reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Christopher somehow reminds me of myself, only more intelligent, more distant. And a boy.



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i thought that it was a really good book. except i don’t remember that he has social phobia, exactly- he has this form of autism that becca’s brother richard had. aspberger’s sydrome, i think.

Comment by divya

sounds cool. i need something to read.

Comment by adam

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