25 May, 2007, 701 pm
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A while ago, I was blog lurking and I came across this one called Musica Religia. It’s unclear as to who writes it, as posts come in different languages, but as far as musical taste goes, it really, really doesn’t matter (although I would certainly like to know). I downloaded a few tracks, bookmark’d that jank, and left and let the tracks sit on my Dell for a week or two until I visited them, because sometimes, I vainly download music hoping I’ll like it, and then I hate it and never do shit with it. When I did visit them, one song stuck out in my mind, and I had to listen to it over…and over…and over…and over…and over again. And that’s why “Young Bride” by Midlake is the Song of the Week! Or rather, la Chanson de la Semaine!

If you don’t have the time to visit Musica Religia, you should make time, but just in case, I’ll post the track here, cause I love it. There’s something I find addictive about the combination of orchestral strings instruments combined with guitar and a drumset. And tons of mellow bass (possibly my favourite instrument ever). The song isn’t a partying, danceish one or a particularly happy one, but there’s something about the melancholy tone that makes it nostalgic and thus kinda happy. It makes me think of sipping a coffee at Starbuck’s on a rainy day or else about a kiss in the absolute darkest of nights. And as much as you guys may patronize me for it, the lyrics tug at my jacket and speak to me.


Young Bride | Midlake
Midlake’s Official Site

ADDED TREAT!! In English class this year, we had a student teacher named Ms. Wells, and she was possibly the most splendid teacher I’ve ever met. When we were reading “The Things They Carried,” she made a slideshow of photographs from the Vietnam War, showing all points of view and explaining the pictures, and one of the songs stuck with me–“Imagine” by John Lennon. Ms. Wells is gone now (although she substituted for my Extended Study teacher one day last week, which maybe made my day), but I’d like to include this song as the Honourary Chanson de la Semaine in her honour.

john lennon

Imagine | John Lennon

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wow, i like it.

and john lennon is the man.

Comment by adam

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