22 May, 2007, 1249 pm
Filed under: My Experience with Existence, School

Erika and I are champions.  You know why?  We scored high in the National French Concours.  In fact, we scored so high, we’re both in the Top TEN.  The big one-oh.  Unless I’m mistaken.  Anyhow, that’s two years in a row.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m excited.  And it’s making me rethink college.  Don’t get me wrong–I love writing.  I’d love to write for a music magazine like Blender for the rest of my life, maybe starting out with little to no money.  As long as I’m happy, right?  Prachi threw me a look of disdain when I told her that I don’t care about the money of a job as long as I’m happy.  It’s true, though.  Happiness is more important than money and I like to write.  But what I really excel at is French.  I don’t like to deal with all the crap we have to in English class.  I can spell fine, and I’ve been told that my writing can be eloquent when that’s what I aim for.  Otherwise, I write with a voice and I write what I’m thinking.  I hate analyzing literary works.  As for French, I don’t have much American competition.  I could get a scholarship somewhere to continue my French studies.  I’m not sure exactly what I’d make of such an endeavour, though.  I mean, I could become a translator…or a boulangerie owner.  Ou quelqu’un qui vend de la cuisine végétarien.  I suppose all that matters to me is being French.


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i left a friggin’ comment and it didn’t go.

Comment by divya

pretty much what i said was that you could be a translator for the UN and i could be a human rights officer and we can live next door to each other and all that like we planned a long time ago, if everything works out that way and we both want to do that still. and remind me to read your palm. yep that’s all ♥

Comment by divya

My fantasy is to study French hardcore at an amazing school and then use my knowledge to buy a small place in Carytown where I will bake and paint all day at the same time as engorging myself in the language and taking lovely strolls all day whilst sipping on a smoothie. I guess I’d have to have some kind of profession too. I know step one and three, but I’m not sure what happens in two.

Next time we hang or organize a day-long trip to Carytown, I have to show you this amazing organic/health food place that Gil took me to. I can’t even begin to describe it, except being in there gave me the same feeling I got when I heard our names called simultaneously.

Comment by Erika

Congradulations. This is short on words, but enough to applaud you suitable acclamation for your acheivement. It’s certainly a great accomplishment, that of which- not most have the capability to attain. It’s always motivating when you’re awarded for a distinctive talent.

Comment by Mary Beth

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