18 May, 2007, 805 pm
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Prachi showed me her brand new iPod nano case on the bus yesterday.  It was from Office Max and it was worth a good $46, but since they had to do a price check, she got it for $6.  Some weird situation like that.  It had like pink and brown corduroy on the inside, and then it was black on the outside.  Black as in leather.

Now, Prachi is a good little Indian girl, and thus, she’s a vegetarian.  I don’t understand why she doesn’t eat it, though, if she doesn’t care about the principles that began the whole trend:  non-violence and animal rights.  Non-violence first, animal rights second, I’d assume (but animal rights are really a part of non-violence).  Not that she’s a total barbarian.  After non-violence, health benefits came along later, and then there were other reasons that strayed completely from the initial two.  Just, within that whole diet and lifestyle–the lifestyle of a vegetarian who’s doing it for non-violence and animal rights–the use of any excess animal products is discouraged, especially the use of animal body parts, such as bones, skin/leather, fur/feathers, whatever.  When I brought it up that why would she buy a leather case, she gave me a look and said something along the lines of, “Oh, gawd.”  As in, “I don’t care about the animal rights situation and you know it.”

As much as I appreciate that she won’t EAT animals (as in animal body parts, not animal products altogether–and that’s a huge step), it always makes me angry when I find someone who so utterly lacks compassion for our fellow animals.  How would she like to be kept in a fucking factory farm?  How would she like to be debeaked?  How would she like to be fed so many fucking steroids that she couldn’t walk anymore?  And what about laying eggs, and what about the way her babies would be treated?

Don’t get me wrong, though.  Solely religious reasons aside, a good deal Indian vegetarians care about animal rights, such as Divya.  She’s a super vegetarian.  She tried to go vegan once, and she and I both plan to once we’re grown.

I don’t like people who do it for popularity reasons and attention.  Although some people have a personal preference to post their eating habits in their About Me sections on their MySpaces, I choose not to.  It’s not a matter of being ashamed–I did it for a reason that I care about.  It’s more because it’s an aspect of life that has blended into my being.  I don’t have to think about it anymore.  I don’t think I deserve bragging rights for being vegetarian because it’s something that everyone should just DO, then kick it up a notch and become vegan.  No questions asked.


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Last paragraph, amen. I would never be able to go vegetarian, let alone vegan. I greatly admire anyone who lives in the healthy lifestyle to be able to do that, because I certainly could not [soley because I like meat too much I guess]. I think that anyone who posts the fact that they’re vegetarian all over the internet is CERTAINLY pining for attention. I think it goes back to the whole fishing for compliments thing…some people I know do it just to hear good things from they’re friends, such as, “OH MY GOD so-and-so, why are you vegetarian? You’re not fat, you’re sooo skinny!”. This is wrong, of course, because like you said, going vegetarian could be for animal right and violence reasons. But the more people I talk to, the more it seems like people around me think vegetarian to be another diet-type thing: and in most cases, it isn’t at all. I don’t really know where I was trying to go with this comment, but in a nutshell, it’s cool that you’re vegetarian. And even though I deleted my blog, I’ll still come here sometimes. Your writing is excellent.

Comment by Laura

maybe i’m wrong, but i’m fairly sure i’ve seen her eat chicken before. and she’s north indian so i’m pretty sure she eats fish and maybe lamb every now and then, it’s kind of a big part of their cuisine.

and about the good little indian girl not eating meat//nonviolence thing…….following a vegetarian diet is part of the 10 vedic restraints, and this one is called ahmisa (noninjury- to anything living). a lot of hindus don’t understand that part of it is also trying not to use animal products, and i see it as hypocrisy, even though they really mean to do as little harm to the animals as possible. living in india and going vegan would be really hard, as is being indian and going vegan, mainly because of how much dairy products are used in our cuisine…i’m hoping one day to say no to dairy as much as i can. that was like my only problem with going vegan last summer. my body would cry out for calcium, and i don’t really like orange juice, and soymilk gave me headaches after a while. i think for me it’s like a kind of withdrawal thing. it’s hard to put it in words and probably harder to understand. but i still feel as gross and evil as all hell drinking milk or eating yogurt or whatever. laskfhsdlkfjsdlk.
for me, the vegetarian/veganism thing is sort of part of my beliefs about the greater universe and also just that i think it’s unnecessary and wrong to have to kill something else to live, and just plain gross to eat something that used to live.
and yeah, the scary people that advertise it like it’s a cool new club they just got into just freak me out.

Comment by divya

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