30 April, 2007, 1003 pm
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Am I alive?  Is this real?  Is it really April 30th?  Is it possible for a group of seven to ten people to be this ground-breaking, mystical…gloomy yet cheerful…so sorrowful it brings tears of absolute, undeniable joy to the eyes?

The Arcade Fire still hasn’t sunk in. I love both their albums so much that when I listen to them sometimes, I’m caught off-guard with tears in my eyes, especially at “Neighbourhood #1.” There really is no way to accurately describe them. They’re human, yes, and Blender’s May 2007 article on them explained that to me. If anything, it made me love them more. Not as individuals, because I don’t KNOW them, but instead as a group of people. Let’s put it this way–I love their music, I love their ideas and their symbolism and their intellects. They honestly don’t perform for me or for cheers or money or groupies. They do it all for the music. I mean, Jonah Weiner asked Win Butler if he liked playing for other people when he started, and his response was this:

“Not so much. I didn’t not like it, but you hear musicians say, ‘The first time I heard people clap, that’s when I knew what I wanted to do.’ I never had that experience, where feedback from the audience was the really exciting thing.”

Seriously. I love the Arcade Fire, or rather, I love their music. And I’m seeing them with Derek in DC on Friday night. My first real show. What do I wear?! This is all so amazing and I wish I could write more, about the excitement, not only at seeing them, but also about seeing them with Derek. In DC. Holy crap.


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Arcade Fire: A Neon Bible Study [21 Questions and Answers]
By David Buckna


Comment by David Buckna

Hey, I’m glad you ended up liking it! DEFINITELY a great first show; hopefully it won’t ruin all future–and probably less incredible–shows by other bands. “Wake Up” was fantastic.

Comment by Katherine

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