DAY 6084
27 April, 2007, 604 pm
Filed under: My Experience with Existence, School

In the smallest pouch of my backpack is an unsealed envelope with exactly nine pieces of notebook paper folded into thirds snuggled neatly inside.  The top page is the largest, with the freshest ink and purest emotion.  The next five pages are slightly smaller, with messier handwriting, the oldest ink, and mostly updates.  The last three pages are even smaller pieces of paper ripped straight from an English notebook, with blue ink and pencil smoothed over them in desparation.  I wish I could just send the first page and be done with the whole package.  I could send more updates at a later point, after the initial message was sent.  But I’ve written for two months, and still the envelope remains unsealed, unaddressed, and unstamped.  My opinions on the matter have remained under my skin, in the depths of my brain until recently, and their bubbling to the surface is what triggered me to record them on a single sheet of paper, to find an envelope, and to search high and low for a stamp and for that address I received so long ago.

For the most part, I’ve had an excellent day for the past three days.  I’ve been able to complete my homework because I haven’t been on the computer, and I’ve been able to straighten my hair and get dressed at a more decent rate and get more sleep because I’ve taken showers at night and set my bedtime for ten.  I’ve raised my grades, too, by getting extra credit done, and this makes me an allaround happy person.  This morning, I was kind of in a crunch, so I didn’t get to wear the pants I wanted and I didn’t have a lunch, plus I left my pod at home, which always makes for a bad day since it’s one of my many security items, but I found two dollars in my pocket because I wore the wrong pants, and two dollers is just enough to buy me a healhty veggie sub, provided that they have them (they probably won’t because they never do on Fridays).

That leads me to something that’s been bugging me all year–vegetarian food in the cafeteria.  There is virtually none.  There is DEFINITELY no vegan food, by the way (save for fruit cups), so I won’t even go there.  Yes, there are veggie subs at our Subway stand…but by Thursday, they run out of tomatos, so the veggie subs are just cheese and lettuce on bread, and by C lunch on Friday, there are none.  They’re not worth the two dollars you have to pay for them–in a real bargain world, I’d pay fifty cents or a dollar tops for those pieces of crap.  The only reason I buy them is because they have oil and vinegar at the condiment stand, and I LOVE vinegar.  Yes, there’s cheese pizza…but they run out of that like crazy, and it’s not remotely vegan.  Plus, it’s oilier than a sixth grade gamer’s face (it drips) and it’s just unhealthy, period.  Yes, there are salads (with cheese!)…but should the school system really expect all the little vegetarians to eat salad every fucking day of our lives?  Vegetarians are supposed to “like” salad, but we shouldn’t have to rely on that every day–plus, occasionally, the school salads have bacon bits in them.  Yes, there are fruit cups, but same thing–I love fruit, and I’d love to eat it all the time, but sometimes, I need cold, hard CARBS for energy.  Don’t even get me started on the french fries or on the vending machines.  I’m like sixty percent sure that they cook the already fatty fries in animal fat, and this week, I realized that chicken with fries essentially makes fries soaked in meat, so I refuse to eat the ones friends offer me anymore, even if they come straight from a cup.  I love potatos, though.  Vending machines offer the “Baked” variety of chips, but at least for the Cheetos (fiery kind), there’s a huge possibility that they use carmine to get the distinct red colour.  Plus, they sell tons of sugary snacks in the vending machines and I’m sorry, but I don’t want to make myself obese because I didn’t have a lunch one day.

I would bring it up to the school system, but it doesn’t matter anymore because I’m leaving.  In Lewisburg, I doubt they have a mondo Pizza Hut/Subway/Squeeze/Taco Place cafeteria where I’ll find slim pickings.  I bet it’ll be just like any other lunch line in the country, and I’ll bet I’ll find a way to bring my lunch every day.  Buying lunch sometimes kind of pisses me off.


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oh, sick. i didn’t even think about all of the stuff about the animal fat. and carmine? yeah, i’m never eating anything with a red color to it in my life unless it occurs naturally in the item itself. and a headache brought on by eating too much popcorn today has taught me that unless something is homecooked and i have no other option, or if it is actually healthy, i’m not eating it. for real. you know what sucks? that fry? it took me six minutes before i caved.

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