27 April, 2007, 618 pm
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Just now, I was blog lurking, and I found someone had written something about Deep Run being the “gayest school out there.” It kind of pissed me off. Yes, we’ve got our stereotypes and most of them are true, and there’s lots of discrimination and cattiness. But if you’re too much of a pussy to try it out and see what Deep Run is really all about…if you don’t even go here, you really have no place to say things like that. If you attend Deep Run, though, treat it as an unrestrained privilege to be able to say whatever the hell you want about it.

I’ll probably delete this post later on…

EDIT::  Who ever said that being a really gay school was an insult?  I guess I should have thought about that when I made this post.


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People who don’t go here have NO RIGHT to comment about it. Period end of story. I have had my share of “deep run complain posts”, but people who go to a totally different school shouldn’t be saying anything. Do they endure what we do everyday? No. [And by saying “endure”, I don’t mean to make it seem like it’s some impossible task, Im just talking about…the deep run environment itself]. I don’t know, that just pisses me off too when people complain about Deep Run, as if every single person who goes here is rich and bratty [it’s true for some, but NOT ALL!]

Comment by Laura

haha i don’t love it, but it’s not the worst place in the world to go to school, so i don’t think anyone who doesn’t go here in justified in saying that either…

Comment by divya

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