25 April, 2007, 1017 am
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At lunch today, I won’t eat the fries that my lunch pals generously offer me daily.  When I get home from school today, I’m going to have a glass of water or maybe two and head up to my room instead of eating the entire contents of the kitchen.  Instead of getting on MySpace directly, I’m going to slip into shorts and take a nice bike ride around the neighbourhood.  That will make me thirsty and I’ll have another few glasses of water and take a shower.  I’ll then do homework and read some cool literature.  If my mother permits, I’ll visit Derek, and after our rendez-vous, I will go to bed early and happy.  I’ll wake up early and happy, too.  I know that I have to write this on my blog because once I’ve made a promise outside of my mind, I have to fulfill it.  I did it with the Day of Silence (which I was actually considering not doing because of discrimination–but then I realized that A, I’d already promised and B, what’s the point in going through with a day to defeat discrimination if you don’t face some yourself?).  Now I’m going to do it with a challenge to myself to become healthier.  After being refreshed by all the positivity of yesterday’s post links, I realized I should do something for myself.  Instead of living up to everyone else’s expectations and continuing Facebook poke wars and replying to MySpace messages and comments and IMs, I’m going to do something I want to do that will raise my self esteem for at least until strained muscles calm down.

Although I woke up at 637 am instead of 530 am because I set my alarm clock for 530 pm intstead of am, which made me have to wash my hair, style it, me maquille, get dressed, and put on shoes in attempts to be ready for band practice in about 15 minutes’ time, I’ve realized that one mistake last night (setting my alarm clock wrong) doesn’t mean I have to let this whole day rot and let said mistake be my excuse for being unhappy.  Today’s sunny out and new and fresh and it’s 1017 am, and I’m going to have an awesome day.  I’m listening to “Cha Cha Cha” by The Little Ones.  There’s nothing to be unhappy about when I’m seriously listening to that song.


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i pretty much told myself the same thing abt being healthier after i realized how much fat and unnecessary crap i consumed in the past week :/
good luck!

Comment by divya

that’s interesting, I suppose it’ll be a good book, although I’m not neccasarily one of the types of people to like books on sex, drugs, and rock & roll, I’m more into like mystery, and things like that, although I’m going to give it a chance. I have Mr. Towslee this year, so that shall be interesting, considering when we read Romeo and Juliet recently his comparisons were quite entertaining and amauzing, yet, unbelievably helpful.

Comment by Meg :)

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