25 April, 2007, 923 pm
Filed under: My Experience with Existence, School

This will be another “nothing” post.

Something clicked in me this morning after I posted my first entry du jour that allowed me to have an amazing day. First, I received back a Math Analysis quiz on which I’d earned a perfect score, so I really am showing improvement because I’m motivated. Then, I got to eat lunch with my beloved D-Slice, and although we were a somewhat silent crew today, it was still more than enjoyable. Luckily, Chandana is not like everyone else and doesn’t ridicule two people who care about each other being together in a state of union which is informally known as being a “couple.” She and I normally giggle back and forth at lunch, but I sensed that she enjoyed herself immensely today. Soon after lunch, I received my first stellar report card in a long time.

At home, I kept to my plan, replacing the bike ride with a half hour of exercise and a shower. It felt good to wash my face. When I settled down to read “The Things They Carried” my smooth legs felt comfortable against each other. After reading almost 40 pages, I picked up where I’d left off on Chemistry extra credit and finished. All this time, I’ve had the windows open, and the breeze feels good in my untouched nest of hair and on my clean legs and arms. Today was all about rejuvenation, and I was alarmed but satisfied that I’d changed a bad start into an amazing day, even if I never got to see Derek after lunch. It picked up my self esteem a good deal and made me happy to be me just for the hell of it, not because of assets–two somethings I’ve needed since last summer.


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i wasn’t ridiculing you!! i really do think you look cute together!

Comment by divya

in response to divya:
i wasn’t including you in that. i was talking about certain freshmen and sophomores who seem to think that couples shouldn’t exist altogether, and that mainly includes some of my freshman male friends who don’t like that derek and i are dating, for some reason or another. they say it’s “gross” and things like that. it doesn’t really bother me anymore, but it used to.

Comment by leindiemeister

Hayy I got quite the stella report card too! I know what you mean it really is a good feeling to know that you have good grades, usually it feels like a huuuge weight hanging over you. (Plusss… don’t you just luhhhvuhhh gloating ;) …(only because its soo rare though)

Comment by Gael Ziegelbag

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