19 April, 2007, 633 am
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Today was the Day of Silence. I can’t tell you how many people asked if I was lesbian today. For those of you still wondering, no, sir or madam, I’m not–I have a Super Boyfriend (you think I’m kidding). The whole experience caused my anxiety to go down because I didn’t have to talk to anyone at all. Many people, upon hearing my proclamation (from someone else), voiced their own opinions on gay marriage–but only the ones who didn’t support it. They shunned my efforts and got extremely defensive. That’s not what the Day of Silence is about, though. You can participate in the Day of Silence even if you don’t support gay marriage. All today was was an announcement that we disapprove of discrimination against gay people. It’s wrong. In my mind, if you say the Day of Silence is stupid, you’re advocating harassment and creating prejudices.

A few people voiced their opinions on the gay community as a whole. One girl told me that if she met a lesbian, she wouldn’t be friends with her because that’s “gross.” A few years ago, a SuperChristian told me that being gay was wrong because it was solely based on pleasure, and that because two men or two women together can’t reproduce, it’s wrong. I just can’t identify with these people’s minds. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people are just that–people. And they deserve the same level of respect as any straight person does, and they should be able to go to school without being talked about/being the butt of jokes because of their sexuality.

Really, I know this post is detached. But in being silent for a cause for a day, I questioned why people even make fun of the GLBT community. It’s all ignorance. It’s all apathy towards trying to find out something outside of a comfort zone, and a kind of selfishness. Conformity, “I want everyone else to be just like me.” It makes me angry when things aren’t fair. Even though there’s supposed to be separation of church and state, I think the lack of proper representation in our government makes that a farce. It’s not a democracy. It’s a Christian dictatorship, and although I’m Christian myself (the type a lot of gay people dislike–Catholic), the unfairness in it all makes me angry.

Other updates! I was number 67 on the WordPress Blog of the Day list because of Richard McBeef–how twisted is that?–which beat my favourite blog by 3 places for most of the day! I felt bad, but now they’re royally pwning me again, so there’s not too much to be sorry for. It was just one day.

Super Copain et moi

Derek came over today after school and I made some money picking dandelions in the front yard. Not in that order. It was all groovy. And now, I need to finish updating my pod. It would be cool if I could get some comments from the Google paupers who wander on here once in a while…or not…thanks for HB’s, though, and Mary Beth’s was greatly appreciated and definitely not taken the wrong way, although she is not a Google pauper, but a fellow blogger and schoolmate and family friend whose writings I hold near and dear. By the by, RACHAEL GOT A BLOG! See how f***ed up my family is! Bye.


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I didn’t participate in the Day of Silence, but what REALLY got me was how people were asking you if you were lesbian. How dumb can people be? Honestly. I’m glad you did it though, I was going to but forgot.

Comment by laurrasb

those are both cool pictures, and yes I heard on the news today and yesterday about the teachers but I hadn’t until then, so I posted a thought about that, anyways, I agree with Laura on the fact that people asking you if you were lesbian was stupid, you’re just agreeing that it’s wrong to be predjudice about people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.
I participated in the Day of Silence somwhat, although it is fairly hard for me not to talk at all, although I probably could’ve done it, if I tried hard enough. I participated in the Day of Silence for Abortion.

Comment by guardgirl

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