15 April, 2007, 714 am
Filed under: Music

Someday, at “feeding time,” I’m going to take a picture of all the cats eating and it will be splendid.   When I told my mom that, she groaned in exasperation.

Guavamaffiosa, I swear, that fille is my hero.  Come to think of it, she must be the living essence of Motorrrju, only a little older.  She was certainly born with the same amount of spunk as her book character alter-ego, if not with more.  Well, I very much enjoy uncovering the past two years in music by reading her writings, downloading an mp3 here and there.  But for me, the difference between obtaining mp3s on AllThingsGo and gettin’ some from Guava is that AllThingsGo is like picking an apple off of a voluptuous apple tree–it’s kind of a natural thing, and you know they’ll grow back.  Plus, who doesn’t like apples?  Guavamaffiosa’s mp3s are much-loved like Linus’ blankie, and you know you’d better listen to the songs she gives you all the time, because she passed them down with heart, not solely with wanting to get the word out.  Yo.

Today, I felt it was finally time to see where this femme mysterieuse began her blogging on WordPress, and if it was as awkward a transition from RL to the virtual world as mine was.  It was endearing, though, knowing that she began her site with tons of voice and gusto and Spanish and humour.  Her first post was about Sufjan Stevens.  She provided us with a minimalistic greeting, a transition about summer, and then a fine description of our Soofy.  And then the tracks, which, after realizing that she was generous enough to keep them up for going on two years, I hastily downloaded.

Right before I listened to “Jason,” one of Sufjan’s first chasons, I started munching on a white chocolate bunny that Peter Cottontail brought me.  When the song started, I had to stop.  Did I start playing the wrong track?  This sounded way too much like Bright Eyes!  But no, it seems that Sufjan Stevens began in a low-fi setting just like Bright Eyes.  Only Sufjan Stevens matured into a sort of clarity and happiness far more rapidly than Conor Oberst did.


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