15 April, 2007, 1120 am
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So in making my usual morning blog rounds to AllThingsGo, Good Weather for Airstrikes, and You Ain’t No Picasso, I stumbled across yet another piece of Sufjan Stevens. This time, it was in the form of an interview held in 2005. Our Sufi (I’m referring to him as “Sufi” from now on instead of “Soofy”…so all you folks unschooled in indie, BEWARE) is more ambitious than we initially knew he was.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

When asked where he sees his career going from here, he gave us a peak into his broad ambitions. “I would like to publish a novel, or a book of stories,” he said. “I would like to start teaching again, fiction writing workshops, for undergraduate students. I would like to have ten children.” Wow. To think that I expected a straight forward answer along the lines of “complete another album.” But wait, he’s not finished! Sufjan then added, “I would like to start my own restaurant. A cooperative restaurant with a rotation of chefs every night, a vegetarian prix fixe every evening with live entertainment.”

He and I have a little more in common than I figured, even though I should have because obviously, he’s a writer, and I consider myself one–and then there’s the whole vegetarian restaurant (but why not make it vegan?!). Frankly, this whole segment freaked me out a bit. We all knew this folksy indie artist had quirks and mystery about him, but…ten kids, a restaurant, I don’t know, he seems a little more full of himself than I want to believe. It’s Sufjan Stevens, my hero, but he kind of already assumed he was my hero before I said anything.

I also decided to grab Bright Eyes’ “Four Winds” video. Since their Four Winds EP, my interest in Bright Eyes has declined a great deal, probably because of several things. One, I now have an entourage of blogs to get NEW music from. So I’m not as interested in “old” music. Two, I was always more partial to the Digital Ash-esque Bright Eyes and not so fond of its twin, I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning (although I would say that IWAIM was their best album–I have to be in a certain mood to listen to it). Cassadaga is a lot like IWAIM. Three, Conor Oberst has too much mystery around him. I like bands that I can find out about, now. The Arcade Fire has always been more than accessible, as has Jenny Lewis. The new bands I listen to have fresh MySpaces, and I don’t have any competition for being the Top Listener on, because no one else listens to them! I don’t have to deal with die-hards or emo kids or people who can and will patronize me for the few hip-hop or rap tracks on iTunes, or for maybe sometimes enjoying a Fergie or Gwen or Akon track, because there’s some unwritten rule that indie kids are allowed to listen to that for fun, or maybe not solely for a few minutes of entertainment.

Well, watch the video, then read what I have to say below:

DESPITE Stereogum’s mildly humourous evaluation of the video, I enjoyed it. I’d wager that my favourite track off Cassadaga is “Four Winds,” so I was bound to like it anyway. To start off with, I don’t like his new hair when he’s standing still, and it seems that neither does anyone else. It’s like he and Win Butler did a trade. For some reason, in this video, it seems to fit him. Actually, the video confirms all suspicions that Conor Oberst has grown up. When he starts out singing, you can tell he means business, and he’s not going to give you all that kiddy teen angst crap he gave you on the last few albums. He doesn’t need to hide behind a screen of cartoons or scenery or other people for his music videos anymore (Lover I Don’t have to Love/A Bowl of Oranges/First Day of My Life)…he’s here for real for the first time ever without crutches! Woo-hoo! It’s interesting observing his facial language outside of an unsmiling photograph, though. We get to see his doe eyes blinking and looking around, and closing tight and then opening again all unexpectedly, and he’s ready for it all. His mouth stretches out into this silly almost-grin and then when he’s not singing, he either purses his lips to “make do” with the booing crowd, or inhales with an open mouth, or gently licks his bottom lip. I love watching his mouth most at the chorus, mainly when he sings and sustains, “BREAKS!” because you can see all his teeth and some of his gums…why has he been hiding perfectly straight teeth from us for all these years? It kind of distracts you from what seems like a (sorry) greasy pool of black Snape hair. There was something strange about seeing him up on that stage dodging trash trying to get through his guitar solo that let me know that he’s now surpassed my span of imagination, of maturity, of understanding, and now he’s a man.

Oh, and an added note: I loved little Maria Taylor sitting in the back looking lusty but pissed off while playing the drums and adding harmonies. Someone threw a drink at her and I had to wonder a) Why, and b) How did it get that far, because I thought she would surely laser any incoming objects down with her gorgeous eyes.

Not that it matters so much, but I’m editing my tags and my picture at the top as we speak. The tags should eventually be settled, although I have a good amount of tweaking to do…and then the top picture should go up sometime in the next week. I originally chose the grass thing because of “underground,” but now I realize that it just makes me seem kind of lazy that I haven’t personalized enough.  I’m also working on posting the correct time and date I began writing an entry because for some reason, I can’t get WordPress to recognize the EST time/date.  I don’t know.


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hiiiiiiiiiiii. haha greasy pool of black Snape hair.

divya got a haircut. she doesn’t know what it looks like yet because she hasn’t straightened it yet. but she knows it’s got some layers in it now. yay?

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