15 April, 2007, 1032 pm
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Uhh mah gahh.  I hate that spring break is over, but in the back of my mind, there’s this twinge of longing for school.  I don’t look any different, I don’t have new clothes, and I’ll never be particularly impressive, and even though I hate high schoolers in general (myself and a few others excluded), I want to see everyone again.  I want to go back to being that obnoxiously plain, unopinionated girl with nothing to say.  I know it’s a lie, kind of like Dolphus Raymond drinking Coke in a brown paper bag to make everyone think he’s a stupid drunk and they’ll have a reason to hate him…mine’s the opposite, though, I think–I lie so that no one can hate me, even if they want to.

J’ai sommeil et j’ai soif and I kind of like how it’s raining.

And holy crap, not to sound like your typical teenaged Family Guy weirdo whore, but OH MY GOD, Stewie looks like a fucking tomato.  HAHAHA.  Oui, j’ai sommeil.


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i loveeee the pic at the top.

yeah, i got sick of having nothing to do too. but i still kind of hate school.

i wish it were raining. that’s better than it being blustery.

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