12 April, 2007, 702 am
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Sometimes, boys are not as sentimental as you expect them to be. In fact, 99.9% of the time, they’re not. They enjoy being vulgar, playing video games, and maybe making fart jokes. They do not enjoy quoting Death Cab/Iron & Wine/Postal Service/Bright Eyes/Arcade Fire/Rilo Kiley lyrics to you in your ear like you really truly wish they’d do (but you’ll never tell them because your little obsession is really quite embarrassing). They like saying, “DEEZ,” instead. All that’s okay, though, even if you get a headache from it all and even if you’re a wee bit upset by it all–because not every guy has as much ovary power as Ben Gibbard does. As partially lesbian as that might sound, it’s kind of hot when a guy has the anatomy of a guy, the mind of a girl, and a sentimental but nonetheless (or at least most likely) actual attraction to females.

Oh, and you know why else I like Ben Gibbard? He’s not a tub of lard, but he’s not sold out and gone glam-boy emo/indie/rock frontman “I-make-girls-swoon-with-my-malnourished-bod” skinny. He also looks like a kind of nerd/grown man, but he’s a cute nerd/grown man.


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OVARY POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by divya

He’s the perfect guy… I totally agree

Comment by Becca

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