5 April, 2007, 122 am
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Oh, God.  I got back my research paper in Fuller’s class today, and I got an 86 on it because I didn’t have the interview, BUT what pissed me off most wasn’t myself or my grade…it was actually three things.  One, she said my call to action was weak.  Two, she said I didn’t back up my argument enough.  Shouldn’t it be enough just to know what factory farming is–doesn’t that alone prove my point that it’s evil?!  But the last thing was her response to something I’d written.

Over the course of my paper, I mentioned that they fed steroids to animals to get them to grow beyond their normal capacities and noted their cruel treatment such as small barracks, no light, and little food and water, among other atrocities.  At one point in my research, someone mentioned that factory farmers would often intentionally starve laying hens for days on end near the end of their lives, and they’d keep them in the dark and abuse them just to get them to lay more eggs.  They’d also use similar treatment for cows and pigs, I suppose, when they got pregnant.  Only with cows, they wanted milk, and with pigs, they’d shove them into a form of crowded solitary confinement (and then ship them off to the slaughter.  When I mentioned that they intentionally starved the animals, my English teacher commented, “That doesn’t make sense–wouldn’t they lose meat?!”  I think she may have taken off points for that.

Of course, the true answer to that question was in my paper–no.  The laying hens are starved because they’re not going to be used for meat.  But even with mother cows, it does make sense.  They feed them strong steroids before they kill them to puff them up, make them look big.  The quality of the meat and the well-being of the animal “don’t matter” at that point…then again, do they ever matter?  It doesn’t matter how many chickens they have to kill to get the meat, ’cause with factory farming, they’re all so scrawny anyhow.

My teacher’s questioning of the truth, though, brought up an idea in my mind.  Does animal cruelty make sense?  Once, I heard someone say that it’s best to ask nicely, because that way, if you get what you want, you’re guaranteed quality.  Whereas, say you ask for a drink after being rude to a friend or something.  They could slip poison in it just to spite you.  I mean, really, they probably won’t, but you’ll get what you want when you’re nice.  Well, it’s the same thing with animals.  You treat them well, and they’ll give you what you want in better quality.  Like eggs, or even meat (although I disagree with eating meat and I’m starting to steer away from dairy).

So really, killing animals doesn’t make any sense, especially when it’s in vanity and an infantile manner (such as in the attainment of dairy products).  I’m probably just pissed ’cause I got points off.  Ra.


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i can’t really understand why ppl don’t see what’s wrong about killing animals just to eat, but maybe it’s a gradual thing for society to accept?

Comment by divya

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