30 March, 2007, 619 pm
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For some reason, I’m immensely satisfied with the way “To Kill A Mockingbird” turns out.  I loved it.  The line, “I never saw him again,” depresses me a great deal.  It always happens with the great books I read, though.  I get depressed when they’re done.

Boo Radley, though, I miss the most, even if he was such a hidden character, even if he only spoke a single line in the whole novel.  If I wasn’t at school when I finished it, I would have cried.

By the way, I must have some type of math dyslexia.  I actually got an 1860 on my SATs, just like Divya, so I really didn’t suck at them like I thought I did.  I’m relieved.  For comparison purposes, I’ll leave you with my scores, since I now know there’s nothing to be ashamed of, having my SAT scores 40 points lower than my PSAT scores.

Critical Reading –> 640 (87th percentile)
Math –> 600 (74th percentile)
Writing –> 620 (85th percentile)

On the multiple choice, I got a 63, and on my essay I only got an 8 (and THAT, I am VERY ashamed of).


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you should check out – math dyslexia is real :)

Comment by elly

YOU DO NOT HAVE MATH DYSLEXIA. god, if you did, imagine what i’d have…i’d be like mentally math retarded or something.
i got like
cr- 620
math- 610
w- 630
but the cr and w might be switched if i dont remember correctly.


but my essay was a 7. :(

Comment by divya

you know what sucks? i got an 18something probably 1860 on my psat this yr. i mean……NO IMPROVEMENT DANGIT. even after the 3 practice tests and taking horizon sat improvement classes. oh well. like yours did to you, my parents stressed me out too. ehh.

Comment by divya

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