ONLY 1820
30 March, 2007, 316 am
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I blame my parents.

Not really. Except that they gave me lots of stress on the actual test day, right before the test. I was hoping for at least a 1900, like I got on my PSATs, but instead I’m crying over an 1820 (1240 on a 1600 scale, so I beat Dubbya). Some people would kill to be me, but I’m dying to be someone else. I could get into JMU in a snap, if that was my choice school. But no. I have to shoot high, for Oberlin and Kenyon. In Ohio. What the fuck is so special about Ohio, anyway?

Oh, ya, it’s for lovers.

I’m swear I’m totally just kidding.

EDIT:: I realize that by saying, “so I beat Dubbya,” it seemed like I was saying Divya in a slurred manner; I actually meant George W. Bush. Divya scored higher than me. =]


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BAHAHAH i knew you meant bush.

Comment by divya

and NO I DID NOT GET HIGHER THAN YOU. we be cool and got the same score.

Comment by divya

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