29 March, 2007, 334 am
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Today, I thought my history teacher called me Conny and I got scared. He actually said, “I got it,” and I couldn’t hear him.

Let’s talk about Diana. She’s a whiny asswipe. Let’s talk about Jenny. She treats me like I’m two years old when I try to make an effort. She actually changes her tone of voice as though she’s talking to someone stupid or significantly younger than herself when she talks to me. I guess some people find me strange, since I normally can’t hear when people are talking to me, but I always overhear things. It’s almost like eavesdropping, but I can’t help it. I want to be in conversations that I’m never in. And I despise helping people with chemistry and with math. I suck at that side of the brain, but I still get good enough grades, and then everyone thinks I’m some fucking brainiac tutor or something–I’m not. I just have a slightly higher IQ and I went to Moody, which gave me life skills. I’m also academically independent, meaning I don’t ask for help and nobody should ask me for help (unless it’s with French or English).


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I hardcore hear you when you said that you wish you could be in conversations you’re never in. I’ll always hear people talking about something interesting, or something I know a lot, and I’ll want to join in…but, yeah. haha

Comment by Laura

d00d, it’s like how MY history teacher calls me D-Slice. Lolz

Comment by Derek

who is diana and who is jenny?
NO WAY THAT HAPPENS TO ME TOO!!! (the overhearing conversations but not hearing when ppl are talking to me thing).
hey btw SAT scores are up on collegeboard. i got a 1860. i failed myself. i was aiming for something around 100 points higher. i took 3 practice tests. i took that horizons class. AND MY SCORE IS STILL THE SAME. i don’t get it!!!

Comment by divya

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