13 March, 2007, 711 am
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I want a job.  I need a job.  I know I need a job.  I need money.  Derek tells me I need a job.  So I need a job.

Where does one such as myself work?  I think I want to work at Borders, very much.  I cannot work at Borders.  Why not?  I couldn’t bring myself to ask for a job application.  why not?  I have an ingrained fear that the workers will laugh at me because I’m so shy.  “She thinks she has a chance getting a job here?!  HA!”  They’ll laugh in my face.  They’ll refuse my request.  And even if I get the courage to turn in the application, they’ll know how phobic and incompetent I am, even if I’m the hardest worker alive.  And they’ll refuse me, and I’ll be humiliated.

I’ll be stuck at Food Lion (if I get the courage), I suppose, stocking shelves, scanning items, perpetually cold, and everyone will think I’m alright with minimum wage, that I’m too lazy to get a better job, maybe that I’m not smart, but I’ll be the only one who knows my PSAT (and eventually SAT) scores and my full potential.  How will I survive college and where would I be without Derek?

Probably not here.


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Don’t feel that bad. My FIRST job choice IS Food Lion. =P

Comment by Laura

how was festival? chorus ruined it for us and got straight 2s. now we can’t be a blue ribbon school unless show choir gets straight 1s. dalgkha if even strings kids can get straight 1s (not that i know how we did that), how can the chorus not?

Comment by divya

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