21 February, 2007, 314 am
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Oh. My God.

I signed into Yahoo today to see if I’d gotten a response to the letter I sent to Short Pump Town Center’s manager, and, in fact, there was a response sitting in my inbox. My heart pounded and my palms sweated as I anxiously awaited the letter. I don’t really know what I want from the mall, except maybe justice. The grounds on which they kicked us out were unfair, and extremely discriminatory, and actually proven. It just wasn’t fair. Maybe I want them to recognize that.

For all the trouble I went to to write that letter, I got this probably automated piece of shit response:


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Rest assured, we have no discriminatory policies at the Town Center. Our Director of Security, Danny Blowe will investigate the matter and will be in touch once we have all the details.

Craig S. White
General Manager
Short Pump Town Center

My only question is…What kind of a stick does he have shoved up his ass? Is it one from an oak tree? Or an apple tree? Maybe a birch tree? Or maybe it’s a steel rod? I’m afraid I got such a crappy response because I did let on that I am a high school student. Still, what a son of a bitch.


And oh my God, this reminds me of something that happened last year. My friends and I were at lunch, having a jolly good time, and I suppose someone threw fries, and while myself and someone else who didn’t throw fries were sitting at our table alone, big old Mr. Edmunds came over and screamed at us to pick them up, and then accused me of giving him a “look” (I suppose like I was evil/better than him, which, if you know me, then you know I don’t do that) AND called over an administrator to make us pick up a mess we hadn’t made. I was scared shitless and really pissed off at the injustice, so I cried. The me inside my head would have screamed back at the janitor and probably cussed a lot, but the socially awkward me just took the blows.

And when I told my mom, she called the school angrily to tell them off for telling me off. And then, they called me to guidance the next day and made me tell my story to the administrator he’d tried to call over. Of course, I was still frightened, so I cried as I told the truth, although my social phobic self didn’t want to say anything, and the administration dismissed it as a misunderstanding, even though I’d been completely harassed and verbally abused. I was PISSED.  Even as I sat in the chair in the administrator’s office, I realized that she was just going to side with that damn custodian because he was a staff member, and they wouldn’t reprimand him or anything.  They were just going to let him go and dismiss me as a nutcase and an overly sensitive student because I’m mild-mannered.  As I walked back to class, I was laughing bitterly through bitter tears, because that trip had been a waste of life itself, and nothing about it was fair.

I just wanted them to admit that they had been wrong, but they told me to get new friends. What fuckers. I hate authority figures. They lie to make whatever they’re in charge of look good, even if they’re hypocritical in doing so.  And I think that’s part of why I’m vegetarian.  I don’t like authority, and I hate injustice.


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what the hell? they didn’t even say sorry!!!!!JER WAKLFHSLKDJFDSKLAHFIL@#UY%(#&$Uiwk/

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