21 February, 2007, 731 am
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A reader recently brought up, via a comment, an issue that I never talk about and never acknowledge directly, except maybe when I write, “Oh my God,” which I suppose is somewhat blasphemous of me.  That subject would be religion, or more specifically, God.  If I recall correctly, I’ve touched on my religion, but I haven’t really discussed my religious beliefs, or my arguments with my religion.

It was on one of many winter entries about being sick.  This particular commenter suggested that I pray.  Now, my first thought was that it was rather embarrassing having someone pure enough to suggest prayer reading my blog, where I casually use the word “fuck” an average of three times per paragraph.  So I proofread my writing to make sure I wasn’t too naughty in that enrty.  I wasn’t, but I did complain a lot.  My second thought was that perhaps I was getting some Southern Baptist trying to convert me, utilizing a prayer suggestion first.  I got a little pissed, ’cause I already have a sturdy religion and to suggest that I convert is to suggest that my beliefs aren’t strong enough.  And I don’t like that.  I only assumed it wasn’t a Catholic because, well, do you ever see Catholics running around door to door, looking for converts?  No.  It’s almost like an elite club, being Catholic, where you’re normally just born in.  I’m not implying that Catholics are elite.  I’m just saying that’s what it’s like.  Simile.

Well, after I got past those, I thought of telling this person off, honestly.  But what would I tell them off for?  For suggesting prayer?  For suggesting that I look to God to help solve my problems instead of moping?  My determination dissolved, and really, I see this person as a godsend.  Whoever this is, he or she reminded me of my faith in a small and somewhat indirect way without any implications or bad intentions, just in time for Lent, the 40 days.  And who knows?  Maybe Jesus was feeling a little under the weather up there in Heaven and decided that this Conny needed a little caffiene shot of faith, without the awful crash, and maybe He knew I’d respond best if he left me a comment on my little old WordPress that would make me think, and that would keep me looking to solve a mystery.  I’m not an atheist or agnostic, kids.  I’m Catholic.  I’m not in your face or trying to convert you.  I’m trying to live my own life, but I’ll help you out too, indirectly, no strings attached.

It took me a while to figure out my Lent promise, because I wanted to go vegan, but I know we don’t have the food supplies for that in our house.  I thought about giving up sex, but then I remembered that I’m a virgin, and that the only reason I thought of that was because on Scrubs, Carla wanted to wait until her wedding night until she had sex again, which would be many months from her proposal of the proposition.  I didn’t want to give up MySpace because that’s such a lame thing to give up for Lent.  That’s not suffering.  That’s pulling out of laziness.  That’s the opposite of suffering.  I considered giving up my hair, as in, getting my head shaved, but Britney Spears already pulled that one last week.  I considered giving up this, but let’s be real.  Almost everything I thought of was lame or stupid or impossible (there are some things impossible to give up, trust me).  I was eating Skittles as I considered my options, and I felt the guilt at eating, and then I remembered what all this faith is about–purity.  And some people fast for Lent.  They stock up on junk on Mardi Gras, and then they stop eating for over a month, until Easter.  Well, purity for me wouldn’t be giving up TV or any of that shit–it would be getting rid of excess food, excess fat.  So I am going on a junk fast.   No drinks except water.  No candy.  No cookies.  No treats.  At the AIA competition on Saturday, it will be hard for me to find anything to eat, but I’ll manage somehow.  I thought it would be impossible to be vegetarian.  Well, this can’t be too much harder.

Oh.  And the one thing I disagree with most in Catholicism is anti-homosexuality.  You hardcore conservatives can argue with me on that one all day and night, for 40 days and 40 nights if you want to.  Love is love.


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oh snap. you know what? i think i should try not eating any junk food either. thanks for the idea. no idea how long i’m going to do this but i guess it starts now.

Comment by divya

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