20 February, 2007, 918 am
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The more commitment I make, the less magnetism I feel between myself and my friends.  I would never let my commitment go.  I suppose I need friends.  And if you want to argue, then I’ll just say I need more friends.

When I say “friends,” I mean other people…like me.  Maybe other people with social phobia or with other anxiety disorders holding them back.  Maybe other indie kids, or sarcastic or clever people.  Maybe some people who know the pop culture references I know.  I just feel like I’m not clicking with anyone.  And I’m not.   And it’s not anyone’s fault.  I just want some meat for the conversations I need to have, not emptiness and “How-de-do, how was your day?”  And complaints.  I complain a lot, I know, but it’s damn hard not to complain when everyone you talk to just complains all day long.  It’s filler words.  I hate it.

And no, I am not talking about Derek there, and never would talk about him in that manner.  Meow.


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yeah, filling conversations are good. sometimes i wonder what it’d be like to have super deep conversations with the people i never talk to, or who are just naturally quiet and don’t talk. i bet it’d be pretty interesting.

Comment by divya

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