17 February, 2007, 804 am
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Tonight, Derek, E-Dawg, Geeeillll, moi, Stephen, Kevin, and Kevhin (I like misspelling names a lot, in case you can’t tell) got kicked out of Short Pump Town Center. Why, you might ask, were we kicked out? Did we throw someone off a balcony? Were we smoking? Did we act disrespectfully? My answer to you, though, is that no, none of the above. Our offense was simply being teenagers who, for the most part, like to wear dark colours. The security couldn’t even tell us why we were being kicked out. We just…were.

So I wrote that damn mall a letter.

Hello. I’m a regular customer at Short Pump Town Center. It normally radiates a friendly aura, and I adore the shops there. The security makes me feel safe, and the employees in the stores make me want to return. Everything is reasonably priced, too. It’s an extremely nice place, and that’s why I choose to shop there every weekend.

However, this weekend, I encountered a mishap with certain staff members in the security department that was unarguably unjustified. Four acquaintances and myself enjoyed a speedy dinner at the mall in the food court, and upon finishing, we were asked by a respectful security staff member to please leave. We understood that he was just doing his job in promoting business there as opposed to teenager loitering, so we left. In simply walking from the food court to another store in the mall, though, and backtracking because we realized we were going the wrong way, a certain different security staff member asked us to leave the mall a good hour before closing time–although he never specified why and handled us in an incredibly discriminatory way; whether that be towards teenagers in general or to “our type” of teenagers, I’m not sure. None of us have piercings or abnormal hair or different clothing; we were just wearing blues and blacks because of personal preference. He even escorted one of our five members out of the mall as he escorted a completely unrelated group out at the same time. All of us, though, did end up leaving soon after, out of respect for authority.

As arguable as this may sound to the owner of a business, we were not doing anything wrong. I’m aware that dark clothes intimidate potential customers, and that most of us were wearing dark colours. However, I feel that this is intensely unjustified discrimination against regular, admiring customers of the mall, and I was extremely displeased with our treatment. We were doing nothing wrong at all (that may sound like an exaggeration, and you’re entitled to believe what you like, but it is the truth). As a freethinking honour roll student at Deep Run High School with a squeaky clean record and a respectable amount of community service, I am appalled and completely offended. This discrimination is despicable. If such discrimination persists, I can easily take my money elsewhere, like Carytown–my cash is absolutely as good anywhere else as it is at Short Pump Town Center–and although I normally choose to take my hard-earned money to Short Pump for the sake of convenience and attractiveness, I could easily drive my money down to Cary Street and buy equally or more unique and cherished items there. Outward appearances don’t always mean anything.

Tonight, I feel like a personal offense was committed against my friends and myself, and I would like this wrong righted in some manner or another.

I thank you very much for your time.

-Paige *******

You know you liked it. I kissed up a bit more than was the truth, but for a good reason. It is a nice mall. We’ll see what those sons of bitches have to say now. First Amendment…it never felt so good.


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holy dsoidhfasdkh.

Comment by divya

Better than anything i could ever write. Better than anything…anyone could ever write. You tolllllled them!1

Comment by Laurra

Better than anything i could ever write. Better than anything…anyone could ever write. You tolllllled them!

Comment by Laurra

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