3 February, 2007, 948 am
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[09:41] Mastashake91: d00d modest mouse is coming out with a new album in march
[09:42] indiechouette: SRSLY?!??!?
[09:42] indiechouette: MARCH is looking promising.
[09:42] Mastashake91: gh2 for 360 is said to be coming out in march too
[09:42] indiechouette: WOAH
[09:43] indiechouette: that is fucking insane
[09:43] indiechouette: march
[09:43] indiechouette: march
[09:43] indiechouette: march
[09:43] indiechouette: it’s only like what…27 days away

I cannot wait for a month to pass. “Neon Bible,” mainly, but spring too. Groundhog Day is POINTLESS. I can’t stand the timestamp on WordPress because it is always about a day and some off hours off from the real date and time, but for this one, I changed it so it’s right. It makes you think whatever you’re waiting for is that much closer. I like military time, though. It’s hard to read but it looks cool. Just like writing the date the European way does. So today would be 03.02.07 instead of 2/3/07. My English teacher gets kinda mad when I do that. What else? My teachers and classmates say my 1’s look like 7’s. Which they do. Because last year, in French, Monsieur Penland told us that en France, they write their 1’s like that, so I took on the habit immediately. I’m such a wannabe European, it’s sad. But what is America and American equated with these days? Obesity? Ignorance? Tasteless? The fact is that we’re still a ridiculously young country compared to the whole continent of Europe, and although the United States is a “cultural melting pot,” do we really have any culture aside from strip malls, sex, diets, and raping the environment? In fact, I’d hardly consider that a culture. Even at my school, there are still little ethnic groups where kids speak in their primary languages, wear the same clothes, style their hair the same way…it takes a lot to pry them out of their comfort zones. This is the West End, where the rich white man is the majority of the population, where Vera Bradley leeches money off people, where manicures and fake tans are dominant…and everyone’s pretty naturally skinny. I’m sorry, but I really do hate America when there are more appealing, cultured places out there, like Canada and the whole of Europe. Maybe, though, America needs help from people like me to improve upon everything that’s wrong instead of abandon it.

By the way, a good amount of these feelings have been instilled in me thanks to “Super Size Me.” It’s a good movie, good documentary. Actually, amazing. And it captures all the ugliness of the media and big corporations…I’m a big fan of that.

My history teacher’s a real patriot. I suppose he has the experience outside of the country, like in Saudi Arabia, to back it up, and then, well, he’s teaching US history, too. You kind of have to like the history to teach it. He bellows out the Pledge of Allegiance proudly and passionately, and he doesn’t understand or like that we, the students, whisper the Pledge softly, or sometimes don’t say it at all. Maybe we don’t understand quite how much freedom we do have. And I know some kids really are apathetic and don’t lean one way or the other when it comes to the Pledge, or history, or their rights, or really anything except the latest episode of Gray’s Anatomy/The Office/Laguna Beach/The OC or the spring clothes at Abercrombie/their myspace comments. But me, I don’t see much opportunity here, and I don’t care about new American innovations, unless we’re talking certain music (but Canada’s indie music scene has The Arcade Fire even though Win Butler is a Texan, Stars, Wolf Parade, three essentials…come ON!). Yes, I can write and say whatever the Hell I want, because I’m a motherfucking American. But I want a taste of the world because it has to be better than this mess of boredom and blandness. Maybe I want it badly because it will bring me an appreciation of mon pays (wounded mother I’ll never see). Perhaps I’ll come crawling back from Europe and Canada an utter patriot. It’s doubtful, but nonetheless possible.

By the way, as bitterly as I write about obesity, and as much as I blame America and the media…and as degrading or discriminating as this may sound, I love slightly larger people who take care of themselves. They’re inspiring. I’m somewhat of a hypocrite, I’m afraid, for my feelings on, well, loving skinny people, but I hate people who talk about “fat” people as being disgusting or people who make jokes about them…I’m an advocate of the ‘Feel Good’ Revolution. Hope you catch my jab.


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well, hey, unless you’re native american, you’re european or asian or african. and even then, the native americans got here from asia. and the asians and europeans got here from africa. so we’re all african inside, which i guess means that thats’ where the culture’s at. but you’re right in that all the people that immigrated over here lost their culture. they must have sold it to the statue of liberty or something in order to get here. thank god i haven’t lost much of my culture, but then again, i’m caught between two worlds and it’s pretty confusing.

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