31 January, 2007, 749 am
Filed under: Barrels of Fun

Completion. Hanging out avec les filles. Avec mes filles. Having that Flava Chains machine eat some of the $$$ Erika lent me for buying toys at CVS. Getting talked into using this piece of shit in Kirby: Air Ride.

By the way, if you’ve never played Kirby: Air Ride, then ignore everything I just said; buy GameCube and that game, and hop on that brilliant ship. Watch it go! It’s so fast. And the steering is nice and easy.

Being King Dedede, who has, okay, well, maybe a little in common with the Carlos Mencia “de-de-de.”

Being METAL SONIC, who has nothing wrong with him; HE HOVERS!

Watching Scrubs and eatin’ churros, not at the same time.

Spinning in circles back to E-Dawg’s house, I guess because we’re just all really cool.

And then leaving with all that rejuvenation, even if we’re not caught up with one another’s lives at all (or, well, me with theirs and them with mine), to join someone who has been the most prominent part of my life ever since I lost a firm hold on them. Someone who, and this is admittedly very frightening (and probably really sappy-sounding, WHATEVER), if I lost hold on him, I don’t think I’d have any life whatsoever, or at least, it would be lacking in so much substance and happiness and clarity. Technicolour. It would be black and white.

I’m lame, though, and I steal clichés. Why don’t I just exploit? With the girl-pals, or “bros,” I guess, it’s almost like a bragging right to be able to share everything you’ve done, or almost everything, and probably leave out some of the things you said, just to make an inside joke. With “hos,” it kills the moment to share pretty much anything you’ve done. Except if it made that huge an impact on you that you want to share with like one to three people. You probably won’t talk about it with anyone else ever again…but that’s what makes it special.

Well, those are my rules of thumb; I don’t really give a shit what anyone else does regarding bros versus hos

But we are moving to Newfoundland to start a snow-shoveling business so we can afford $$$ to buy couches, Fruit Roll-Ups, and brownie mix, and I guess a stove and some baking mitts, too. A brownie tray. Whatever. We will live there, though. And maybe I’ll grow…


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what? okay. cute pic.

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